Never Knew..

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A new beginning.

Submitted: August 05, 2011

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Submitted: August 05, 2011



Death eludes me,
Then I become weak,
And it,
Consumes me.

Never an opponent,
For you though.

I see you there,
My vindicator,
My savior.

You think you're,
In hiding but,
I see you,
Conserving me.

The cure,
To prolong my life,
From this disease,
You have found.

I have foresaw,
The pandemonium,
Within your heart,
And your mind.

This torment,
In which you posses,
Shall be no more.

This curse she,
Has left you,
Will be annihilated.

She assumes,
She owns you,
For eternity.

I snicker at the ignorance.

For she doesn't know,
I'm a witch hunter,
And her spells have no place here,
In you,
This exalted soul.

I'm here now.


Liberating every memory of you.

I'm here now.

Taking over your pathetic territory,
And turning it into something ethereal.

Step to me and you will,
Deteriorate with pure hatred.

I'm here now.
I always will be.

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