Obscurity Within

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And I began to fall.

Submitted: September 27, 2012

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Submitted: September 27, 2012



Drifted into the cold nightfall I realized, darkness only had room for one and killed the other three which any moment could be me.

For I perished in my paranoia, nightmares stabbing my dreams with a vicious blow and a mellow sigh of silence, eternity, into this light darkness with which I regret becoming accustomed.
And I began to fall, drown in my own need, tears surrounding my body, bleeding. Bleeding outloneliness,hot spew, like acid.
Pouring from my veins it sparked with fire and began to dance in swirls of entanglement.
Oh, how hot it was, for the Devil laughed and a sudden halt with shock twisted within his frown as he began to sweat and pant with a desperate heave.
For my hell was too hot for the devil himself and he, vanquished in despair as I longed to go with him.
But yet stuck with confusion and panic, panicking for an escape as boils blistered into blisters that grew purple and white, surrounded with ash.
And I began to cough for tears, for sweat, for blood, anything to purify this unrulydisdainof heat.
Yet I became further suffocated, my lungs now claustrophobic within my body, jumping for air, longing for a distance, for time, tranquility.
To no avail.

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