Scream My Slave

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I smell raw flesh, what a delightful.

Submitted: June 12, 2010

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Submitted: June 12, 2010



Oh hey there little slave,
Have you decided to play with me today?
I've seen your thoughts,
I know your insides,
I just can't figure out,
Which parts will be mine.
I'll eat you up,
Then spit you out,
Eat your brains for breakfast,
Without a doubt.
But please don't worry,
I'll torture you first,
Your screams must need,
To quench my thirst.
I'll drug you up,
Oh just enough,
You'll feel the pain,
It might be rough.
I'll drain you out,
So you won't bleed,
Keeping you dry,
Is my great deed.
I'll give you presents,
All Chains and Gags,
But they'll be sterile,
So it won't be bad.
I'll snip and clip,
Your wonderful hair,
I know you'll want strands,
But that's unfair.
See the problem is,
You're all mine,
And I won't turn back,
Following you all this time.
So lets get ready,
To rock and roll,
Oh and another thing!
Welcome home.

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