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I was mad at someone writing this.

Submitted: September 28, 2008

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Submitted: September 28, 2008



It has different views,
Different feelings.
It's smarter,
Unique than anything else on this earth.
It isn't your normal person,
Unknown to any human that walks among this earth.
It walks with great power,
Feared among those who look into its eyes.
Desire overflows you,
Moves you to go to those red eyes glowing in the dark.
One glance of those dark and mysterious eyes,
And your paralyzed,
Hooked to follow the vibe of this incredible energy form.
While it slowly numbs your body,
It confuses you to believe that you have the control,
It makes you believe that you have all the power,
But soon you come to realize that you are not the tamer.
And in one snap of a finger its all over.
You soon begin to be lost in its trance.
Once when you are entrapped by your own passion,
It reaches out and grabs your soul.
As you scatter around on your knees and on your last breathe,
Trying to find it,
It looks down on you,
Like a puppet master looks down on his puppet.
As soon as you crawl your way to the dark whole,
With an instant it crushes your soul.
The demon secretly laughs at your foolishness,
For the demon is the life taker...

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