The Chronicles of Color

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Everything comes together in the right place.

Submitted: July 22, 2010

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Submitted: July 22, 2010



Oh Mr. Red,
Heated me with great passion,
Loved me with great heat,
Yet rage drove me away.

So I moved on.

To Mr. Green,
Oh Mr. Green,
Fucked me with greed,
It was just too much for me.

So I went away.

I found Lovely Purple,
So gentle,
Voice of sweet violins,
Yet he beat me his name.

I had to kill him away.

But I met his friend Sky Blue,
Such beauty to stare at,
Every glance of him caught me off guard,
Yet made me cry.

So we let the deep blue sail us a part.

Then I caught sight of Sunny Yellow,
Boy was he bright,
Too bright for me,
He suffered from his denial to reality.

So I soaked him away.

And walked up on Pinky.
His heart so pure,
Yet too sensitive,
For I like it rough.

So I erased him away.

Danced with Plain Gray.
He fucked me with great clarity,
Everything was black or white.
Too bad he had no soul.

So I painted my way to Black.

He never talked,
He had a mystery that I needed to solve.
Every ounce of him had a touch of everyone else,
So open-minded and raw.
Dark yet with a lovely twist.
I had to be lost within his darkness,
In order for him to see me.
I let go,
And now I am forever lost,
Forever understanding, my lover Black.

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