To Become A Far

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It's hard to express my feelings so I took a bunch of my favorite songs and made some of the lines into my own words.

Submitted: November 30, 2009

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Submitted: November 30, 2009



I wish I could feel it,
All the little pieces, shards,
Cutting me into little pieces.
Lie to me,
Convince me that I'm not made out to what I'm suppose to be.
Who do you love?
Because I refuse to breathe no more for you,
But yet I continue to.
Please come close to me,
I want to follow you,
Mind and soul.
I never meant to cause you trouble,
But your love means everything to me.
You know you're on my mind,
I feel you feeling me too.
Under your spell,
I can't say no to you,
Forever under your spell,
Why have I let you conquer me?
Am I good enough,
For not even your love,
Just two minutes of your time?
You know that I've stopped running because of you,
So why don't you feel me sinking beneath you?
What do I have to do,
To get everything out of you?
I wish there was someone to love me,
Do you?
I know I was never anyone,
But can't you undo my saturated loneliness?
I wish I could feel,
I need it,
But if I abduct it,
I know I will corrupt it.
Why can't you cry over my absence?
Why do I continue to grieve over the fact that if I bleed,
You won't care.
If I can't wake again from my dream,
I wont want to,
Because I know that when I wake up,
My real life wont include you.
If I have to die just for you to see me,
I will,
For you,
I will.

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