Truth Deep Inside Me

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An old poem I found...

Submitted: March 08, 2009

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Submitted: March 08, 2009



I love you so much,
But you're not there,
I'm tired of dreaming,
Chasing after air.
I love you so much,
But you're not here,
For your 'I love you's',
You can never whisper,
In my ear.
I can't reach you,
I'm so out of touch,
So much desire and passion,
Ready to bust.
Breaking me down,
I slowly fade away,
If you ever left me,
I couldn't say for you to stay.
For you're not here,
You're out of my reaching,
For patience on my part,
Was never to be a teaching.
I've lost my place,
And for you,
It seems you're out in space.
These feelings are hidden,
Making me break within.
Rage, jealousy,
I need you here,
Come pick me up,
Erase my fears.
Tears are falling,
You're still away,
Am I crying myself to sleep again today?
We're so blind,
We're so cold,
Please don't leave,
You know you're worth more than gold.
I just want you here,
I promise I wont cry,
And forever with you here,
My insides wont die.
I know you love me,
I know you care,
It's just hard,
Knowing that you're over there.

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