Unsuccessful Love

Status: Finished

Unsuccessful Love

Status: Finished

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Unsuccessful Love

Poem by: ToLoveIsToHate


Genre: Poetry



You want one thing, but it's not me.


You want one thing, but it's not me.


Submitted: June 01, 2010

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Submitted: June 01, 2010



I had a dream that we were together.

Smiling, laughing like little children in a fair.

We watched movies of all kinds, but not really.

We were never full of lust but presumptuous love that swelled within our hearts.

I knew you were genuine as I.

I knew you needed me,

As much as I.

I felt this highly rare chemistry, closeness between us.

It was so raw and beautiful.

But reality set in with a call from my father.

Telling me that the reason not only I but he is alive,

Might die of kidney failure. Should I cry? Should I grieve? For she is not dead yet, but I know her time is slowing down.

I wanted to relax, do something productive,

But when I turned on my life,

Our song came on,

My favorite part.

The tears you have brought me,

The pleasure I could never forget.

When you told me you loved me my whole world took new light, literally.

I never felt like that before.

But now it matters no more.

The worst thing in the world is that now,

I care that you think nothing of me.

I could die right under your feet and you would step over me without thinking twice.

You are a disaster for me,

Mind, body, and soul.

But I continue to love.

The real you.

© Copyright 2016 ToLoveIsToHate. All rights reserved.

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