Who Am I To You

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Like Nine Inch Nails, "I just want something I can never have."

Submitted: May 08, 2009

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Submitted: May 08, 2009



Am I the girl that makes your heart skip,
Your brain freeze,
The girl that gives you chills.
Am I the girl that makes you forget,
That makes you want to fall in love,
That makes you want to change for.
Who is this girl that loves you dear,
That holds your heart,
That makes you alive.
Am I that girl,
That makes you see,
That the grass can be greener,
If only you take a look on the other side.
I wish to be her,
The girl of your dreams,
The drop dead gorgeous,
The intellectual in your eyes.
Do you see me as that girl,
That you can give up your life for,
Cry for,
Give everything for.
Oh how I wish to be her,
The secrets that hold dear in me.
I'm dying to belong,
I'm lusting to be in your arms.
Do you see me like you see her,
When you look into her eyes.
She takes you through a land,
Deep and out of reach of human comprehension,
Oh this feeling,
Better than the high reached point of ecstasy.
When you look into her eyes,
You see more than her beauty,
But a foreshadowing,
You hold her hand,
You give her a ring,
You share a kiss.
Forever lays in the palm of the hands,
Collapsed in between the two.
I envy her.
How I'd die to kiss you,
And how she dies with you next to her,
I have come to insanity.
Lock me away,
The damage is done.
I can never be her,
I can never have your heart,
She's already took it,
And all I wanted to do was be in love with you.
I wanted to exchange our love,
And drink life's water free,
But instead I'm stranded.
For I am just a past,
For she is your future,
Forever and always.
Don't watch me cry,
Don't ask me how I am,
If you loved me,
You'd know,
The way you love her is the way I love you.

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