Why Can't Anyone Hear Me

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Am I mute?

Submitted: June 01, 2010

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Submitted: June 01, 2010



How the fuck can you say I never loved you for you?
How the hell can you say I never loved you with all of my heart?
How dare you think I'm still not in love with you.

What hurts the most is that you don't see it.
You don't see what it takes for me to let you be happy.
You were the only one for me.

Now I have nothing.
Every time I need someone who is important to me they fall off the face of the earth.
I'm starting to want demons to haunt me just so I won't be alone.

I was yours first, but I couldn't be yours last. And now I'm paying.

Now it hurts to have no e-mails to reply to.
Have no one to answer to.
Have no calls to return.
No messages to leave.
Have no one awaiting my arrival.

It pains me to have no reason to wake up early in the morning.
Go to bed late.
Hang out with.

It hurts to have no reason to leave my resting place.
No excuse to get out of my so called home.
No where to go.
No where to live.

But I can't be mad.
It's my fault for what I did.
I'm paying for it now.

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