Why I Still Love You

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Pain in letting a loved one go.

Submitted: May 13, 2010

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Submitted: May 13, 2010



I still hold onto this song and believe we belong. I remember that day when you faded away. No I'm not sad, maybe a little blue, I have this deep unshakably depression, when I think of you. This is so true, but what I'm saying is probably lame, but the memory of you, in my heart still remains.

Never like every couple, but in a way we were, every couple has its end and woe how we were lured. I know it's my fault, I knew we couldn't be, it came to that end, but aren't you happy? With a blessing for you, were born, but for me another curse, forever word of "scorned".

My mom always asks me, how could you not move on with this, but she just doesn't understand, you were my perfect fit. For my life I was outcast, treated so cold, but you were the only one who helped me and in my eye's you're still so bold.

But now you have withdrawn and I've been forsaken again, forever hearing those voices, forever listening to them. I wish to love what can't be loved, my father understands, in the heavens above.

Does your new love, love you the way I did? With secrets we held and cared for every bit. Does your new love make your heart jump more than me? For my passion I refuse to see. Does your love watch out for you with a simple eye or does it just continue to hide? Can your love ever love you the way I can? For sure for not I love you more than both man and woman.

All the things we have done, our fun never stopped, we had the best run. I made you who you are, you birthed me here today, I just wished we could be together, wish I could find a reason to stay.

I'm not trying to make you sad, just letting you know how I feel, I have yet to heal the wounds, the scabs I continue to peel. But it's not my fault, it makes the pain go away, it gives me a very good reason to live another day.

I was drowning fast, but you pulled me up, but you couldn't hold on long, you just said enough. I fought for my life, fought all over again, but then I thought different, I took a different spin. I let myself drown, eventually it'll feel good. For once when I'm dead, everything will be understood....

So I'll keep drowning,

I'll stay in a sea of denial.

In a storm of pain,

I'll always miss you,

Though I'm one to blame.

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