"One Night, with Two Sides"

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About a one night stand, that has each person seeing it in a different light, the next morning...

Submitted: May 17, 2017

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Submitted: May 17, 2017



 “One Night, with Two Sides”



She sat at a table,

In her dining room,

On it,

She had her cell phone,

Home phone,

And laptop,

All within inches,

Of either,

Her left or right hands,

She had been,

Sitting there for hours,

Waiting for his call,

She knew he’d call her,

He had promised her,

Last night,

Right after he,

Crawled from her bed,

To use the bathroom,

But when he saw,

That he had awaken her,

He walked back over,

And kissed her,

On the lips,

And that’s when she asked,

“You’ll call me, right?”

And he said,


Of course,

As he made his way,

To the bathroom.

He had taken,

The paper,

She had given him,

She wrote it,

On her laptop,

While he was in,

The bathroom cleaning up,

On it,

Was written all her life’s info,

Cell phone,

Home phone,


And home address,

So there would be,

No chance he could forget,

Who she was,

And where he spent,

Last night…

It was mid-day,

When he walked into,

The Starbucks,

Where he reached into,

His pocket,

Of the same jeans,

He was wearing,

Last night,

And pulled out some money,

To pay for his coffee,

And noticed,

A folded up piece of paper,

Among the bills,

He was holding,

In his hand.

He looked down,

At the paper,

And at first,

Thought it was,

Some kind of resume,

In till he remembered,

The girl from last night,

Had given it to him,

As he was trying,

To sneak out,

Before having to go through,

All those little pleasantries,

At the end of,

A one night stand.

He had almost gotten,

Out of her bedroom,

When he realized,

He had left his keys,

On her nightstand,

And as turned towards her,

She awoke,

So he walked up to her,

Leaned down,

And slide his right hand,

Behind her neck,

And pulled her closer,

And as he kissed her,

On the lips,

He grabbed his keys,

Off the nightstand,

With his left hand.

With his quick escape,

Having been foiled,

He decided to use,

The bathroom,

Before heading out,

And as he walked out,

Buttoning up the jeans,

He was now wearing,

She had handed him,

This paper,

Which he had forgotten,

All about,

In till now…

She had met him,

At the Blue Ox,

A popular bar,

With her set of friends,

She had gone out,

With the girls from work,

And by the time,

She saw him,

The night was getting late,

And only one,

Of her friends was,

Left with her,

At the table.

She saw him,

Drinking at the bar,

All alone,

She felt sorry for him,

He looked like,

A stray dog,

That needed rescuing.

He looked over at her,

As she was,

Scoping him out,

He gave her,

A smile,

And a nod,

So she smiled back,


Knowing she had him,


She whispered,

To her friend,

If that guy,

At the bar,

Comes over here,

I’ll find my own way home,

Her friend,

Nodding her head yes,


Just be careful,

And call a taxi,

If anything looks odd,

She smiles back,

You know I’m a,

Careful girl,

Her friend now,

Nodding her head no,


I think you’re just,

A horny girl,

Both girls giggling,

As her friend,

Goes back to,

Looking at her phone.

She watches him,

Drink a shot,

And look over,

At her,

As he stands up,

He looks undecided,

About coming over,

To her table,

So she flashes,

A pouty look,

To give him,

Some incentive.

He starts to walk,

Towards her,

Pointing his beer,

At her,

As he walks,

So she picks up,

Her drink,

And points it at him.

As he made his way,

Over to her,

She could feel,

The excitement,

Of the moment,


The sexual tension,

And anticipation,

That he just might be,

Someone special.

She watched him closely,

As he sat down,

Between the two of them,

Trying to read,

The subtleties,

Of his movements,

She was already,

Feeling good,

About this guy,

As soon as his,


Hit the chair.

He began talking,

To both girls,

But she wasn’t taking,

Any chances,

As soon as he,


To face her friend,

To say something,

She started,

Waving her off,

Letting her know,

It was her time,

To go.

She was mesmerized,

As he spoke to her,

His eyes,

Never leaving hers,

Listening intently,

To every word,

She was saying,

Leaning into her,

More and more,

As she spoke.

So when the bar’s,

House lights,

Came on,

Signaling the end,

Of that bar’s night,

She knew she had too,

Do something fast,

He was much too nice,

And polite,

To even suggest,

They take this night,

A couple of steps,


He thought for sure,

He was going to,

Strike out,

Last night,

He concentrated on drinking,

More so,

Than his game,

By the time,

He was hitting,

His stride,

In this drunken marathon,

He was running,

From the last stool,

At the end,

Of the bar.

There was only,

About an hour left,

Till last call,

The prospects,

Had really,

Dropped off the board,

By this time,

All the girls,

He would have slept with,


Were now gone,

And the few,

Somewhat Hotties,

Were either paired up,

Or had that,

Stern look,

On their face,

Just daring someone,

To try and break them,

Just waiting,

To shoot down,

Any pilot and wingman,

That tried to make,

A torpedo run,

On them.

Now normally,

He would relish,

This type of a,


But any type,

Of attack,

On such a heavily defended,


Would take time,

And finesse,

And he was short,

On both right now.

But all those,

Straight shots,

He so patiently consumed,

Were finally starting too,

Pay out some dividends,

They widened the playing field,


And that’s how,

He came across,

Her table,

He could tell,

After just a few minutes,

That one of the two girls,

Was ready to go home,

Nursing her drink,

Checking her phone,

Looking down,

Into her glass,

While the other girl,

Couldn’t quit,

Scanning the crowd,

Eyes never still,

Always darting around,

The room,

Even when she takes,

A quick drink,

Not wanting to miss,

Any kind of opportunity.

But when his eyes,

Met her gaze,

And she quickly,

Looked down,

And away,

He knew,

An hour,

Was way more time,

Than he would ever need,

To close out,

This deal.

He ordered a double shot,

And a beer,

Threw back the shot,

And proceeded to walk,

Himself and his beer,

Over to her table,

But as he stood up,

His footing,

Was a bit unsteady,

Causing him,

To lean to his left,

As he walked,

But he was a pro,

He just held out,

His right hand,

Which was holding,

His beer,

And that just,

Counter balanced,

His stride,

Giving him an even,

Tactful walk.

As he began,

To sit down,

He could feel her,

Examining him,

Unsure if she was,

Looking for flaws,

Or just appreciating,

What she had,

Before her.

He began talking,

To both girls,

And was a little surprised,

At how fast,

She sent her friend,


He was having trouble,

Focusing on her,

As she spoke,

Her face,

Was getting a little,


And even though,

He was sitting,

He was slowly,

Falling towards her.

Maybe that last,

Double shot,

Wasn’t such a good idea,

He decided to let her,

Do most of the talking,

Just listen,

And hope this passes,

Before he gets sick.

So he just sat there,

Staring back at her,

And was surprised,

At what felt like minutes,

Turn in to an hour,

When the lights came on,

Telling him,

His time was up…

She looked over,

To him,

And coyly said,

I’m not really tired,

Are you tired?

You want to go,

Someplace else?


Maybe have a few more,


My friend,

Stranded me here,

You got a car?

Or we could share,

A cab,

Or I could even,

Drive your car,

If it’s not a stick,

Is it a stick?

I never learned,

How to drive a stick,

So I could drive,

Your car,

Back to my place,

We could have,

Some drinks,


And you could sleep,

On the sofa,

It even pulls out,

Into a bed,

If you want,

Though it is,

Kind of lumpy,


I’m not tired,

I’m stuck here alone,

You got a car,

It’s not a stick,


So what do you say?

Drinks at my place,

I’ll drive,

And with that,

She stood up,

Holding her purse,

In her left hand,

And offering him,

Her right hand,

As the house lights,

Gave her eyes,

A very alluring,


He looked up,

At her,

With a very big,

Sexy smile,

As he took her hand,

And stood up,

While sliding his arm,

Around her waist,

Pulling her close,

To him,

As he looked,

Into her eyes,

He kissed her,

On the lips,

Before whispering,

In her ear,

“You had me at”


As he dropped,

His car keys,

Into her right hand…


Tom Allen…05-14-2017…



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