The Lemurs

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
A doomed young couple try to go for a special day out.

Submitted: November 10, 2013

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Submitted: November 10, 2013



There was no doubt in Carl's mind that they were going to go and see the lemurs. Even when Nicky was vomiting into the kitchen sink because it was closer than the bathroom.


He rolled over in the bed trying to get away from the sweat patches he'd made, piecing last night together. Specifically he wanted to see if he could remember if they'd spent the twenty. Smiling, he lay back into a sweat patch. No way. That was the lemur money, he'd folded it up into the tiny pocket in his jeans.


Nicky collapsed back into the bed, he could smell that she hadn't brushed her teeth, which was another thing he'd had to get used to.

“Hey baby.”

Nicky moaned a cute little animal sound and twitched. His heart soared and he ran his fingertips along her back, which was her favourite.

“We should get up soon.”


Of course she'd forgotten but that was fine. Dark spirits always made her like this in the morning.

“Nicky! It's Saturday!”

“Lie in!” She thrashed her arm out, found his hand and pulled it round her stomach.


He buried his face into her hair and winced a little at the smell of scalp and cigarettes. Maybe if she smoked in bed this morning he could let it slide. Normally when she lit up in bed there'd be a half-rehearsed jokey but not jokey argument about how she never ashes in the sheets. Carl would have to wipe her ash off the duvet, collect it in his hand and put it in the bin, which wasn't great but he never said anything. It wasn't worth it.


"Are you excited about the lemurs?"

Nicky's whole face was pushed into a pillow but he heard a muffled "Yay!" and electricity shot through him. It was definitely happening. Today they were definitely going to go see the lemurs. There was no way this wasn't happening.

Carl rubbed her legs to try and stir her and bit at her pubic hair. She screamed and laughed into the pillow.

"Get off me! I hate you today!"

"Get up! Get up! Get up monkey!"

He tickled her feet which she hated so she kicked him pretty hard. There was, of course, a chance that she would refuse to get up but not today. He jumped on top of her, wrestling her big, lazy body and started getting an erection.

"No! Not now."

"I don't even want to. I can't control it, let's just get up."

He kissed her, but had forgotten that she hadn't brushed her teeth. How much time did she spend thinking about their sex life? Carl's ex Jen dissected every detail and he thought, at first, that he liked how Nicky never spoke about it. They hadn't had sex for about a month and he had so many questions to ask her. If he did she'd probably just give him "the look" like he was an idiot and take the piss out of him or get into a silent mood.


He fucking loved her though. Even if she did make him feel like he was going to explode quite a lot of the time. A few days ago he had bought strawberries and he had this fantasy of cutting them up and bringing them to her in a white bowl with a glass of orange juice but now they were rotten and Nicky had drank all the orange juice. He would never have done that for Jen. She was no fun. She would never drink half a bottle of Morgan's Spiced on a Tuesday.


In lieu of chopped strawberries he brought her a little packet of peanuts. She was sitting up in bed smoking and ebaying beanie babies on the laptop. He chucked the nuts at her, wanting to lay down with her but knowing if he did that would be it. They would lay there for a long time and then it'd be too late to go to the lemur sanctuary. He knew what would motivate her, he knew her so well, he knew every single millimetre of her body and could list (off the top of his head) all of the people and places (which were numerous) that she hated.


"Let's watch the video!"

"Ok." She always wanted to watch the video.

Carl had shot it on his phone a couple of years ago in a lemur sanctuary in Cumbria. For some reason Nicky was obsessed with it, she loved watching them, bouncy and orange eyed staring sadly at tourists. She'd giggle uncontrollably whenever it came on and if they were ever arguing he'd play it to her so she'd come out of her silent mood. She looked so pretty laughing.


Now they were going to see them in real life after talking about it for months. After physically pushing her to get up and dressed (but she refused to shower) he rejoiced at getting her outside, and the weather wasn't even bad for October. It was bright and cold, which was actually Carl's favourite kind of weather, and he wanted to comment on it but she would probably call him a gaylord if he said anything like that.


He laid his arm around her, kissed her on the top of her head and spat out a hair.

"What are you doing?" Nicky asked in an accusatory tone which sent the "alarm bells ringing" for Carl. "Something wrong with my hair?"

"No I just got one in my mouth." He had to be very careful to not say anything she could twist into a criticism.

"Is this about me not showering? I'm not gonna shower if I don't need to."

"I didn't say anything. It's all good."

"You're my boyfriend right, but just because you think I should do something doesn't mean I have to do it."

"I know, I know." Not being clean though, that was just selfish if she expected him to kiss her and be close to her. It was like she could read his mind, she knew he was thinking about how unreasonable she was being and she took his arm away from her shoulder and sulked.

"Hey babe. Don't get cross. Let's not fight today. We're going to go see the lemurs!"

"We always have to do whatever you want to do."

"You want to go see the lemurs today too though don't you? Come on! This is supposed to be our special day." The 'come on' was a huge mistake.


Nicky marched off and he ran up to her and it was all falling apart but maybe he could talk her round. He got the video out on his phone but she shook her head at him, it was desperate and pathetic and childish.


She didn't take her jacket off in the pub and kept going outside to smoke. Old Colin was there and she mainly talked to him, ignoring Carl. After a while they were drunk and she cuddled up to him and they kissed. Ah well, everything was ok. Maybe they'd go see the lemurs tomorrow instead. Well, probably not because he'd had to spend the twenty in the pub, but they'd get some money from somewhere. He couldn't wait for her to see them, she'd be so happy.



© Copyright 2020 Tom Levinge. All rights reserved.

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