Ampoules 119

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Flash Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic




 - What do you reckon?

  Claw calls out as he stares up at the high kitchen cupboards.

- I don't know Claw. How are you going to get up high 

enough to have a have a look? We'll need a ladder or


- Look if we pull the kitchen table across to stand on we

should be able to reach.

- Well we'll have to be quiet. I know Mr Shadow's drunk

himself to sleep on the sofa, in front of the T. V. but I

don't want to wake him.

  Claw manages to pull the table over and climb up

onto it...

- Shit look at this.

- What?

- Claw turns around facing me, holding a small cardboard

box beteween his metal pincers.

- What is it?

- Don't drop it.

  Claw throws the small cardboard box down, I wipe all 

the dust of it and read what's printed on it; Morphine

Sulphate. S8. I open it, and there's five ampoules

inside it.

- Shit, how many boxes are there?

- Another three. That's the stuff isn't it?

- Sure is Claw.

- Reckon it'll be hard to inject?

- Not with practice. 

  I joke.

- But what are we going to use Claw?

- This.

  I look up and Claw's metal pincers are holding a 

glass syringe.

- There's another one up there too, and plenty of 

needles. You game to give it a go?

- Christ I don't know. We better get the stuff down 

from there and move the table back before Mr Shadow

wakes up. He'll kill us if he finds us with that stuff.

  Claw and me look around, and there's Mr Shadow

leaning in the doorway, drinking port from from the


- What the fuck do you think you two are doin' ?

- We're just cleaning up.

- Claw yells back, still standing on top of the table.

Do you want us to  go down the pub for you when 

we're finished?

- Yeh Phil, I wouldn't mind a few bottles of beer. Be

a change from this fuckin' port. Yeh, I'll get some

fuckin' money.

  Mr Shadow goes into the lounge room to look for 

his wallet.

- Quick Claw throw the stuff down.

- Christ alright!




Submitted: June 17, 2019

© Copyright 2020 tom mcmullen. All rights reserved.

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