Grey Rain

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Submitted: April 21, 2018

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Submitted: April 21, 2018



Grey Rain


Grey rain is falling

Onto the old grey bridge,

Grey mist

And the night sky

Wrap the sweaty bodies,

The sweaty clothes.

There is too much humidity

Wrapping memories

Stumbling slowly

Across the bridge.

The spider network

Of steel terraces,

Where bodies rust in unison

With cast iron skeleton bannisters,

And then stumble

And grip again and again

The security of the cast iron skeleton,

To avoid falling

Into the metal death of ghost cars,

Their headlights in the night 

Haunt the faces,

Haunt the memories of the bodies.

The headlights cut

The grey rain,

As hands are pierced

By pins and needles

Of grey rain,

Like the touch of a nameless lover,

Known only by shape and taste,

And lost orgasms,

Lost in the nights of noise

And disappearence,

Where tugboats recede across opaque glass.

Where flesh is splintered

And spiked by liquid wire,

As the grey rain clings,

Soaking clothes,

Soaking bodies

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