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Submitted: March 05, 2018

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Submitted: March 05, 2018





  Walkers walk fake german shephards on wheels past me.

  Wooden kookaburras laugh at me from the tree branches.

  I pick black hair from my tongue, I should've had a shave. She

left a beauty spot on one of the pillows. She was gone when I

woke-up. The hair from the beauty spot had grown wild, in a 

tangle all through the house.

  I had to get away from the hair, so I came down here to the 

park to look at the water.

  I'd go for a swim but there's razor blades in the water.

  Pregnant women push pink plastic dolls in prams past me.

They cry like the wind-up cat I used to have, " Mama, Mama! "

I had to put it out of its misery with a hammer.

  The day is getting colder, there's shadows growing everywhere,

They have grotesque faces in them.

  I'd go back home to get warm and sleep, but I can't get inside,

there's hair all full the house.

  I take out my cigarette lighter, and set fire to the hair, it smells

terrible, but at least it will get rid of the hair. The house will burn

down, but I don't care. Her hair will be gone.

  I remember what she looked like now. She had the blackest hair

I've ever seen, all over her body, it looked especially odd under

fishnet stockings.

  I better go now,  I can hear the sirens, the firemen and the cops

will be here soon. That's right... I met her in the darkeness, she 

said she only came out at night. I walked her back to my place, and

we drank for awhile, and then we slid between the sheets, and then

I passed out.

  I better go now, I'll go to the bottle shop, buy a bottle of Scotch,

and find somewhere to drink it...And did I tell you about her face?

Her head was on back to front, so all I ever saw was hair!







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