Journey To The Centre Of The Womb

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Submitted: July 21, 2018

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Submitted: July 21, 2018



Journey To The Centre Of The Womb


- Well Tony how are you feeling today?

- Not bad Doctor Trust. I've been keeping busy.

- Well Tony, I'd just like to emphasize that you can trust

me Tony. I mean my name is Doctor Trust! I know that

you feel that you weren't able to trust your parents,

I know your wife ran off with your best friend, and that 

you consider all your other friends to be backstabbers,

but you know Tony it's important for you to believe that

you can trust me!

- I do Doctor Trust.

- Now Tony, what have you been busy doing?

- I journied to the centre of the womb Doctor Trust.

- Well that must have been interesting! Who's womb

was it Tony?

- My mother's Doctot Trust.

- I thought you said your mother was dead Tony?

- Well she is, but only just dead, she's still warm.

- So you journied to the centre of her womb?

- I did Doctor Trust. It was hard going. I was going

to record the expedition on my smart phone, but I 

lost it in all the hair at the entrance to her tunnel.

- That was unfortunateTony.

- It doesn't matter, I made notes. I journied through

this long winding hazardous tunnel, avoiding all the

warts and other growths, it was difficult, and then I

came to a large underground sea, surrounded by

primitive flowers and plants, and there were prehistoric

bird like things flying about, and huge dinosaurs 

fighting on the beach, and I got in a boat and rowed 

out to the middle of the sea, and then my boat was

swept into a whirlpool, as there was this violent electrical

storm, and I went around and around, till the sea turned

to blood, and I was washed back through the tunnel

and out her hole!

- Well Tony, that was quite a journey...Just let me give

you this injection...

- But Doctor Trust, I thought you said I could trust you?

- Of course you can trust me! You can trust me to get

you locked up you crazy bastard! Now I'll just have to

arrange it with the hospital...

- Reception, ring my mother at the hospital...Yes, she's

got the same name as me...Yes, she's the chief

psychiatrist...Tell her I'm bringing her gynaecologist over

for a visit!



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