Making Skateboards No 30

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Flash Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: February 26, 2019

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Submitted: February 26, 2019



Making Skateboards


  I say to Claw, " I bet Elvis can't surf. " And Claw tells me,

" Yes he can, but he ain't no bleached blond goofie foota,

I've seen him riding through the pipeline combing his

black hair! "

  Then Claw says to me, " How about we get some skateboards

to get around? " And I say,  " Yeh, but we can't buy

skateboards here yet, you can only get them in America,

how are we gonna get them from America? "  And Claw 

says, " We don't have to get them from America, we can make 

them ourselves." And I say, " How we gonna do that? "

And Claw tells me that we can make our own out of a pair 

of rollar skates by taking off the wheels and screwing them

to a piece of board, and I ask him how he thought of that,

and he tells me, " I'm not stupid you know! I'm not stupid 

like you! I'm pretty smart you know! " And I say, yeh I 

guess so. " And Claw thinks that I don't know that he 

really saw how to do it on T. V.

  I saw Claw watching some show about guys who were

making skateboards that way 'cause they couldn't get 

ones either. So me and Claw get together enough

pocket money, and money Claw's made from his news-

paper round to buy a pair of rollar skates, and we make

some skateboards out of them, and we sand the wood,

and then we paint it, and they look like the ones you 

buy in America.

  They look just like the professional ones, but Maya 

doesn't like them, she goes throught the roof when she

sees me riding mine down the driveway of our place

one day, and she's yelling at me, Where'd you get that?

You'll kill yourself doing that, you might full off, or heaven

forbid get hit by a car or something, and you and Claw I

thought you had more sense! "

  But after a couple of weeks of me nagging at her and 

telling her that I'm not gonna ride my skateboard on the 

road or nothing, that I'm gonna ride it on the footpath

down the back of our place where there's hardly any 

traffic, she tells me alright, but she doesn't want anything

to happen to me.






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