Maya's Disease No 2

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Submitted: January 13, 2019

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Submitted: January 13, 2019



Maya's Disease


  She should be in the grave Maya is telling me, she's

dying, she's told me. Her feet are falling off. Her feet 

are dying. It's the disease the Commo's gave her. She

says it's spread through her whole body. She says she's

too young to have a disease, that the Commo's must 

have gave it to her. She says maybe God sent it to

test her faith, she says, " Yes, I've got plenty of faith."

 She says before me and my sister Ann were born, 

before she met Mr Shadow, she was going to marry 

another man who wasn't a Commo, but our Grandma

didn't like him, and they took her to hospital because she 

got this disease in one of her breasts. She says the doctors

had to cut it off, and she tells me that the doctors didn't  expect

her to live, She says the doctors let her out of hospital

not expecting her to live.

  " But I'm alive! Jasper, you can thank Jesus for that! "

She says.  "Jesus let me live so I could look after you and 

Ann." She says, " Yes the doctors didn't expect me live.

They told your Grandma and and your Grandad but they

didn't tell me!

  She says the disease that was caused by the Commos

spread right through her body, and she wouldn't have 

married Mr Shadow except she was so sick with the 

disease and couldn't think straight. " Yes, " she says,

" I wouldn't have married Mr Shadow if I hadn't had that


  She say she's dying slowly. and that she gets them 

awful headaches and doesn't know where she is some-

times. She keeps telling me she was in love with another

man before she got this disease, and he used to come 

and see her in hospital, and then one day she heard

Grandma talking outside her hospital room telling him

that she had died, and not to bother coming to the 

funeral because it was going to be strictly family.

  "Yes. " she says I wouldn't have married Mr Shadow

if I hadn't got his disease, if your Grandma hadn't lied 

to the man I loved. I would have married the man I loved.

You would have liked that because he would have been

your dad. Yes, he would have been your dad. He was

much nicer than Mr. Shadow. You would have liked him."

  She tells me how she tried to find him after she got

married, to say sorry, and tell him how she really wanted

to marry him, but says he was so taken with grief after

Grandma told him that she died that he moved interstate,

and no matter how hard she she tried she couldn't find 


  " He must have been so sad and hurt, he just 

disapppeared. " She says...


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