Sport's Day

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Horror. Humour.

Submitted: February 22, 2018

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Submitted: February 22, 2018



Sport's Day


- Man that coke I had was wierd shit man. It made me wanna

have homo sex!

- It wasn't the shit Alien, it was you.

- No it was the shit Junkie, I ain't no homo!

- Yes you are!

  Flash tells him as he wraps his school tie around his arm to

bring up a vein. It's sport's day. He tells Junkie to pass

the outfit.

  Alien screams!

- Junkie, Junkie, he's convulsing, what's wrong with


  Flash chucks a fit on Junkie's bed.

- He's gotta germ Alien, don't worry man!

  Alien keeps screaming.

 - Fuck! Look Junkie! His head's getting bigger and bigger!

- Ah shit, Alien that dope must be mind expanding. Wonder

what chemist Flash got it from?

- Did you see that Junkie? His brains exploded all over the

walls, all over your Hendrix posters man!

- No worries man, mum will clean that up when she gets 


  Alien is hysterical.

- Fuck look Junkie! Look! Look at all the dribble dripping

of his lips. His lips are moving! What's that you say Flash?

  And Flash whispers...

- I said man I feel soooo fuuuckin' goood...I Feel soooo fuuuckin"


- Yeh Alien it must be good shit if Flash says so. Hey Alien 

pick-up the outfit and give it to me, I wanna have a shot now!

If Flash says it's good shit it must be.

- But what are we gonna do with him Junkie?

- Don't worry Alien, be cool, the mess is cool. Like I said mum

will clean it up when she gets home from work. Stop shaking, 

just pass me the outfit, I wanna get stoned.

- It's wierd shit Junkie, wierd shit.




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