The Boys

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Submitted: February 24, 2019

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Submitted: February 24, 2019



The Boys


 -  I'd like to Steve, but I can't, the chemist I bought my

condoms from must have been Catholic, there's holes

spiked in them. Have you got any?

- Not today. Look I won't come. I'll get out like the

Catholics do, coitus interruptus...

- Can you do that?

- I'll try.

- Sure...No you can't do that!

- No? You won't get pregnant.

- No! You'll have to get a boy if you want to do that.

- Bugger.

- Not me you won't. Look Steve under the bed, I 

found them under the bed, when I moved in!

- What are they?

- Plastic boys, and there's a bycycle pump too.

You can use it to inflate one. I'll let you use the bed

and I'll sit on the lounge and watch you do it to 

him. Now which one would you like? There's a 

jewish one, a muslim one, a hindu one, a black one,

an asian one, and there's even an anglo one, 

Which one do you want?

- I don't care, I'm not a racist or a bigot. I just want

to get some relief!

- Well Steve in that case the muslim one would be

the best for you Steve, if you want to conserve your

energy for the main event, because the muslim one

blows itself up!



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