The Featureless Face

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Submitted: January 31, 2019

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Submitted: January 31, 2019



The Featureless Face


  I live my life these days away from the company of

others, in a solitary existence, for the sight of me 

causes them to run and scream in horror. For I have

a featureless face, a blankness the sight of which

causes sheer terror!

  That this should have been caused by love I'm

sure you find absurd, but I assure you that this is

indeed the case.

  Nearly a year ago, out of my middle aged lonliness,

I wandered aimlessly into a near empty bar on the 

outskirts of the city, and met the fair Ann, a woman 

so beautiful, she stole my eyes away.

  After coyly smiling at me as I entered the

establishment, Ann introduced herself and joined me

at my table, and there we shared small talk, and a 

rewarding bottle of moselle, and I totally naive in the 

ways of womanhood agreed to walk her home, and 

finally join her in her luxurious bed.

  It was embarressing to admit to her, but I had barely

any experience in the more creative aspects of love

making, and when she asked me to kiss her down there, 

between her long shapely legs I recoiled, revolted.

But after some prodding and coaxing, my disgust 

evaporated and I did.

  But then I got the shock of my life, for no-one had

ever told me in all my years of youth and adulthood, 

that a woman had another tongue down there, so

when the tongue became entangled with my own

in a knotted twist, I retreated in astonishment, and

then pain when I discovered my own tongue had

blood gushing out of it.

  And then I saw that this terrible extra tongue, that 

Ann had hidden in the maw of her sex, the centre 

of her femininity, was covered with sharp spikes like

nails, and before I could flee further away, it grew

long and large, and lashed out at my head ripping all

the flesh and features from my face!





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