The Giggling Schoolgirls

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Horror.Humour.Flash Fiction Good Morning Little Schoolgirl!

Submitted: June 05, 2018

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Submitted: June 05, 2018



The Giggling Schoolgirls


  Being old and frail, with failing eyesight I gained access to the

city morgue the other night, and robbed some corpses of their

eyes, and placed them inside my hollow walking stick to help me

see my way. They helped me take the most convenient route,

and to see the world at large with a new found intensity.

  Overjoyed with my much enhanced eyesight I walked to the 

local shopping mall, and found myself a comfortable seat, and then

took the eyes out of my hollow walking stick, and rolled them across

the shopping mall floor.

  I may be aged but the joys of watching the female of the species 

have not dimenished, and the eyes certainly helped me with this whim,

for as the female shoppers walked by the eyes stared up their legs

to the mysteries that are normally hidden. What treasures did I see!

  I watched for hours up the ladies dresses with pleasure that I had not 

known since my youth, using the eyes upon the floor, till a group of

adolescent schoolgirls ambled along and saw the eyes there...

  To my horror the schoolgirls started giggling and stamped on them 

with their shoes. I yelled out to them...

- Stop! they're my eyes! I can't see up the ladies dresses without my


- The old bastard's crazy, queer in the head!

  One of them yelled, and the others giggled...

- Let's rip out his eyes!

  Another yelled and giggled, and they came running towards me 

giggling, and with long pointed fingernails, clawed my face and 

ripped out my eyes, till I could not see at all. And then they giggled 

at my blindness.

  I yelled out for help, for someone to call the police, but the zombie 

shoppers just ignored me and walked about in their vapid way.

  The schoolgirls giggled more and more at my suffering, they 

grabbed me, and dragged me away, and then threw me in a car, 

even though I doubt they were old enough to drive.

They ferried me away, as if across the Styx to this location of total 


  They threw me onto this cold bare bed, and I feel their biro stained

fingers all over me. I feel their grubby hands all over my naked body,

for they have stripped my clothes of me, and giggle as I shiver in the 


  I feel their lustful bodies rubbing against me for day after day, and

all I can hear is their infernal giggling in my ears! Their high pitched

infantile giggling in my ears! Their awful giggling in my ears...






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