The Hungry U F O

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Submitted: August 27, 2018

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Submitted: August 27, 2018



The Hungry U F O


- Well tonight viewers on the latest channel 69 news

we have an exclusive report from our award winning

reporter Don Dreadful about the mysterious object

that has appeared above Sydney Australia, an hour 

ago. Don, are you with us?

- Yes, yes.

- Well Don what do you make of this thing in the


- I don't know what it's made of, some kind of alien

flesh I guess, its a large unidentified flying orifice up

there in the sky. It's got pernicious teeth, and its hole

is blacker than the blackest midnight, and I don't

mean to be racist. And its got long tendrils of 

intergalactic hair growing down from it. It reminds me

of that centrefold photograph of Miss April in the 2008

edition of American Playboy.

  Anyhow it's come closer to the land now, and it's 

sucking all the local residents up into it, and chewing

them up. There won't be anyone left soon, it's come

to feed on mankind!!!

  - Can you get away from it Don?

- No!!! It's sucking me up now!!! There's all these people

in here, screaming and crying, women and children, but

not for long, they're quickly reduced to bloody pulp and 

digested by the orifice.! Help!!!

- Well that's all we've got tonight viewers from our reporter

Don Dreadful in the enigmatic unidentified flying orifice

now above Sydney. I hope you enjoy your dinner, and

have a pleasent evening. Goodnight!

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