The Pig 125

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The Pig


  Claw is back in my bedroom stoned, and shouting about

Mr Shadow again, about him being a Communist...

  " Yeh I reckon Maya was right about about Mr Shadow

being a fuckin' Communist, all those years ago. I thought 

it was a game then. But now I know how serious it is. 

Now I know how the Communists want to come and 

destroy my family's business, and shut down their factories,

so that they'll have no money left. And I know Mr Shadow

is in charge 'round this area. The fuckin' Communists are

trying to take over the whole world. And fuckin' Mr Shadow

is a Communist. He's a fuckin' Commo pig like in ' Animal 

Farm.' "

  Mr Shadow comes bursting through my bedroom door.

He yells...

- What's all this fuckin' noise 'bout me being a Commo?

- Look! Look Jasper! See he's got a pig's face, not a human's.

Look at his snout, and his teeth. Look!

  Claw keeps shouting.

You look Phil, I've had fuckin' enough of you Phil, comin'

'round here all the time on drugs. Don't you make out 

you're not on drugs, 'cause I know you are on fuckin'


  Mr Shadow goes up to Claw who's too scared to move, 

and punches his head against the wall, and his body falls

to the floor.

- Can't say I think much of your fuckin' friend Jasper.

- Fuck look, he's unconscious!

- It's all them fuckin' drugs he's been taking', you 

haven't been takin' none have you?

- Fuck no!

- Well come on, come on and have a beer with your 

old man then.

- What about Claw?

- He'll be fuckin' alright. Don' worry about that bastard.

- Well I'm going to see if he's alright.

- ' Cause he's alright. Can't take a fuckin' punch that's all.

  I go over to Claw lying on the floor. There's blood 

dribbling out of the corner of Claw's mouth, and he's 

breathing really shallow.

- I think he's gonna stop breathing. I think he's gonna die.

- Goin' fucking die is he? It's all them drugs he's been 


- Yeh, well what are you going to do?

- Ah, don't you fuckin worry' bout that. You just fuckin'

wait here while I get my torch. It's fuckin' dark down 


- Down where?

- You just fuckin' wait here.



Submitted: June 22, 2019

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