The Rape No 36

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Flash Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: March 05, 2019

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Submitted: March 05, 2019



The Rape


  Today's really hot. I guess the older boys have caught

a train to the beach. They've been going there a lot 

lately. Claw goes with them but I'm not allowed, neither

is my sister Ann. Maya tells us we're not old enough

to go there by ourselves.

  I follow Ann, she's alone, down to the gully. Ann doesn't 

see me. She goes into the cave hoping to see some of 

the older boys but there's no-one there. She sits down 

on the old car seat. I stop watching her for awhile and 

strip off my clothes and go for a swim in the creek.

  I get out and leave my clothes by the creek, and go

and see if she's still in the cave. She's still there, 

sitting on the old car seat like she's waiting. She's 

facing the back of the cave, it's easy to creep behind

her. I push her down on the car seat. She tries to

scream but I've got my hands over her mouth. The

wind's changing. I can feel a Southerly blow into the

cave as I hold her down.

  " I just wanna  see what it feels like. " I tell Ann as

she tries to bite my hand. She's still trying to struggle

but I won't let her get away. I've got one of my hands

around her throat.

  She's scared, I know it. She stops struggling and

lets me place one of her tense hands into the fine

hairs around my erect cock. She's scared, so she lets

me tell her what to do. She strokes my pubic hairs and

my cock.

  " You do it to the older boys, why don't you do it with me?

Why don't you do it with your brother? " I scream. Ann

doesn't reply. I don't care 'cause I know she's terrified.

She keeps stroking my erect cock. " Just take your

pants off will you Ann, you can leave your skirt on! " I

yell, as I hold her on her back.

  She won't obey, so I do it for her. " It won't hurt. " I

assure her. " I'll be gentle. " She tries to dig her 

fingernails into my back, but it's too late, I've forced 

myself into her, and fuck it, as soon as I'm in her I


© Copyright 2020 tom mcmullen. All rights reserved.

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