The Union Official No 6

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Submitted: January 19, 2019

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Submitted: January 19, 2019



The Union Official


  Maya tells me how the Reds always stick together

 and that's why some people are nice to her, cause

she's Mr. Shadow's, and they think she's a Red too.

But she says they wouldn't think she was a Red if 

she had've married the man she loved, cause he was

a real man and owned a business and hated the

Reds, but that bitch Grandma had lied to her and 

she had been so sick that she believed her.

  But she wished and prayed to God that she could 

find out where the man she loved was, and she asks

me if I'd like him to look after me instead of Mr. 

Shadow, and I say, " Yes Maya. " Cause I'm 

scared of the Union Official and all the Reds she's

talking about, I don't want all those men who look 

like Redback spiders coming around and taking me


  And I ask her if the Reds are are men who look like

Redback spiders, and she says, " Well they're just

as poisonous. " And she tells me how the Reds are

men that the Union Official has to look after and that 

they're Commos and that they want us to part of

Russia, and that they hate America, and that they 

don't like the Queen, and that they don't believe in

God, and they don't believe in Jesus, and that 

they're going to rot in hell, and that they worship 

the red flag, and that they're not allowed to own 

their own money, cause they have to give it all to

the Reds who are in charge, and they want  to burn 

down all the churchs, and that want to stop people 

worshipping in the churchs because they want the 

people to worship the Commos who are in charge, 

and that's blasphemy, and they'll surely rot in hell

for that.

  And she says they all have to do what the Union 

Official tells them to do, and that they never go out

alone because one of them might run off and find 

Jesus, so that there's always two of them or more,

so they can stop eachother from running away.

And she says they don't like working, not like

my Granddad till they came and took him away, 

that they're always going on strike, because they're

always wanting something for nothing.


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