Worst Than Marriage

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Horror. Humour. Flash Fiction.

Submitted: March 27, 2018

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Submitted: March 27, 2018



Worst Than Marriage


- You wanna make love?

  Her white figure appeared like a lightning flash out of the

darkness. I was walking home late through the city streets, 

after an unsuccessful night in a singles bar, something that is

most unusual for me, being a ladies man of some renown.

No-way was I ever getting married, nothing could be worse than

that. As the feminists like to proclaim marriage is merely

prostitution, they are right about that. I'm definitely a wombat,

one that eats, roots, and leaves.

- You wanna make love?

  I stared at the woman before me, this part of the city was not

usually known for prostitution. She was an unusual looking

thing. Her pale face looked like a funhouse mirror made of rice

paper, her cheekbones were haunted by moonlight, her hair

was invisible in the darkness, her eyes were like distant galaxies,

her lips were tinged slightly green, and her mouth was void of

teeth. She seemed to float in front of me in a white gossamer

dress. Not being the romantic type I tried to walk away.

- You wanna make love?

  Her voice barely a whisper repeated for the third time.

- I don't pay for it! I'm not that desperate!

- I'm free!

- I haven't seen you round before. You don't look well. You

look anaemic. you should get more sunlight.

- I only come out at night. Come on! Come back to my place!

  So I took her boney hand, and walked the short distance to

her abode.

  What a night! Her skinny body was more than satisfying!

  But I felt a bit strange when I woke in the morning, I found 

the bathroom and looked in the mirror. My head was a wart!

" Shit! " I swore and swore!

  I rushed back to the bedroom and yelled at her sleeping form.

- Wake-up! Wake-up! Look what you've done, you've turned

my head into a wart, I've caught the wart virus of you!

How can I go home like this?

  She laughed...

- You can stay here, till it clears up. I've got some cream you

can put on it. That might help.

- What!

  I stayed with her, well I had to because the wart virus spread 

fast. It was all over most of my body. I couldn't move. She fed me soup

in bed...

- It will soon clear up!

  But it didn't, It spread over my whole body, and I had to lay very still

in her bed.

  She looked after me for weeks, feeding me with a spoon. through

the small aperture in my wart head.

  Then, one day the wart structure cracked, and fell of me. " Great! "

I yelled. I could finally get out of here and go home. I looked at my 

body, it had changed, it looked so dark. I tried to feel my body, my

hand went straight through it. My body wasn't solid, my body was 


  Now I understood, I was her shadow! I would follow her everywhere.

It was a fate worst than marriage. She came up behind me, and 

whispered in my ear...

- At last I'll be able to go out in the daylight!





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