X-Ray Glasses

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Horror. Humour.Flash Fiction.

Submitted: April 03, 2018

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Submitted: April 03, 2018



X-Ray Glasses


  My great uncle was an unusual man, a recluse without money,

who spent his life studying the properties of glass, so it came as

a great surprise to me when I recieved a letter from a solicitor,

telling me that I had inherited a package from his estate.

  After I collected the package from the solicitor's office, it was 

with great anticipation that I opened it.

  The package contained what looked like a normal pair of sun glasses,

with a note that read, " Look through these and you'll never see

the world the same again. "

  So I went for a walk down to the local park and put the glasses on.

I stared at a group of muslim women in their black freedom sacks.

They were naked! Allah be praised! My grand uncle had invented

x-ray glasses, yes, I would never see the world the same way again!

  I took the glasses everywhere, I especially liked wearing them on

packed morning commuter trains. What I saw was a sight for sore 

eyes! All those naked squashed bodies!

  Yesterday on the train one young lady caught my eye, what a 

figure! She was dressed in a modest skirt, and a white silk blouse,

but my glasses soon stripped these off her. Pity about  the beak 

she had for a nose, but a stunning blond can't have everything I


  I was getting a good eyeful of her breasts when I noticed something

odd, between them there seemed to be an aperture, or something,

maybe it was for sex, maybe she was a new gender. I was really 

puzzled. Looking at her got me really curious, so when she got of the

train I decided to take some time of work and follow her.

  I took great care to keep a safe distance, so she didn't know I 

was there. She finally arrived at her house after a walk through

a maze of winding streets. I watched her go in her front door,

there was nothing strange about the house, it was just a suburban 


  I went up and checked out her letterbox, " A Bird." Odd name, 

I thought. I wondered if she'd fly away with me.

  Curiosity really got the better of me, so I went up and knocked

on her door. When she opened it I explained my curiosity, and 

told her in an embarrassed kind of way about my glasses, and

what I though I saw on the train. 

  Boy was I a sucker! She told me that she thought she saw me

glancing in her direction on her journey, and to my surprise 

and delight she asked me inside.

- Yes, you were right about what you thought you saw, I have a

hole in my chest. Would you like to see it properly?

  I could hardly control my excitement, as she took off her blouse

and bra. The x-ray glasses were good but this was better!

  I stared at her breasts and at the hole between them. It had a 

mandala of small feathers circling it. She explained what it was...

- It's the entrance to my aviary.

- Your aviary?

- My aviary, yes, my birds live in there...

  And as she spoke those words scores of lovebirds escaped out 

the hole, and attacked my eyes, blinding me.

- Would you like me to get your x-ray glasses out off your pocket

for you?








© Copyright 2020 tom mcmullen. All rights reserved.

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