Stare into the sun

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Submitted: February 08, 2011

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Submitted: February 08, 2011



My Sun

Recollections, still employ our first encounters,
rendezvous still at her always best.
As seconds stand, sands yet wont surmount her,
alas, at last, to feel a beating deep inside a vacant chest.

A masterpiece to sculpt this silhouette,
As language fails to mold Zionic shapes.
Beneath my throat, these feeble clicks neglect,
as shallow cues before her shatter, torn and mattered,
rest upon the soles and break.

A smile, glance, a pause, to years,
to float along, she drifts in dreams,
In desperation, forced separation, and expectations turn to fears.
The distance to fully drown the screams.

Breath has often watched spring stroll away,
Stole away, she drifts from envy's eyes,
Reason, and educated meaning to make the seasons fray,
But hopeless, ignorance, misguide to keep the pedals live.

Never share perfection, unnoticed speck’s affection,
Self Conscious bricks, a self-sustaining Berlin Wall.
A good intention, to my inventions misdirection,
Create this final velvet curtain call.
Drenched in failure, highly soluble to regret,
Catalase itching, burning, dying thoughts,
Glass bottle brands, keep twitching hands in check,
Fleeting amnesia from a dampened future wrought.

Awake to dwell, this hell, as the final pedal fell
to earth, to fossilize against a winters faded blur.
Decay; erode away displays the pulse’s novel tell,
In such hourglass of night, steal away the lime of light,
to quarrel with sun sets inevitable might,
as horizon lines grapevine to hide a love for her.

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