Why am I so apathetic?
How does she remain so pleased?
There she dances in the sunset
And here I struggle just to breath

Where could I have gone so wrong?
For you have chosen her so right?
On sins my soul may passed committed
Or dreams I wasted out of spite

God relieve me of my hinder
Unlock these chains you have bestowed
Release me to this cruel intention
A walk I wondered long ago

Each smile forced, each laugh a lie
Each inch I flesh I’d fear to touch
For thoughts to linger seem too many
And thoughts to drift are not enough

May wishful thinking ease your conscience?
The worries that you never felt
To turn leaf, just start anew
Another notch upon your belt

But worry not, I’ll find my heaven
Amongst the demons of my hell
With every drop of liquid swallowed
With every gust of smoke dispelled

I wear the crown now woven tight
The thorns embrace upon my brow
And many years may leave me squandered
But future may, release me now

Submitted: February 08, 2011

© Copyright 2023 tom p. All rights reserved.

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