The Mind Of A Mad Man

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A man doesn't know why he is sitting in a psychiatrists office. But his dark secret will soon unfold.

Submitted: July 12, 2016

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Submitted: July 12, 2016



Mind Of A Mad Man


Ethan White was sat in the waiting room. Four bland, slightly disturbing walls surrounded him. The door to his left had ‘Dr Prouse’ stamped onto it, whilst the one to his right ‘Dr Rowell’ was stamped across the door. Another man was sat in the room, his black, scruffy hair followed down to a rough stubble and mildly wrinkled face. A sinister look was given in his dark, greying eyes. He was wearing a sophisticated suit which didn’t match his messy look which gave him an even more evil curve to him.

Behind the desk was pale looking woman with a blonde, wavy hair that rested on her shoulders. Behind her faintly smudged glasses covered her hazel, depressing eyes. Underneath her dark blue dress was a pain that was unknown to her. She set Ethan at unease, the way she kept everything to a completely consistent schedule, it made him cringe.

The way she piled the papers, then typed, printed and sipped on her steaming coffee. She would do these things over and over. A shiver was swept down Ethan’s spine. The piles of paper grew as she slowly accepted phone calls and typed away.

The man opposite Ethan wouldn’t stop tapping his foot on and off the ground. The tapping was bad, but it wasn’t was obnoxious as the clock. Despite it being the only life-full thing in the room, its ticking was also disturbing. It seemed the more it ticked, the louder it got. Its bright orange numbers and fluorescent green hands shone out of the cage it was trapped in.

This woman’s consistency kept to its schedule. Her eyes were piercing the clock whilst her arms wrapped around folder that she had put all of her paper in. At exactly twelve o’clock the woman stood up with prominence and strolled out of the room. Now it was just the tapping and the ticking





The tapping stopped. The man on the other side of the room froze and focused his sharp eyes on Ethan. It felt like he was contaminating the room with something malicious. A cold shiver consumed Ethan’s body. And for some reason he felt like he knew this man.

After around two minutes the man leant forward a rested his chin on his palm, “So why are you in here?” the man asked.

Ethan didn’t reply, he just focused on the clock, ticking away, hoping for it to speed up to 12:15.

“Look I understand if you don’t want to talk about it,” He leant back onto the chair confidently, “I’m in here for a personal reason as well. Can you imagine what it’s like to have your whole family slaughtered?” His voice slowly started to raise. And at this point Ethan had started to give a small amount of attention to this man, “Watching them as they beg for mercy, but you can’t help them, you’re overpowered by something else,” A tear trickled from his eye. Then he gave a small grin for a second. His choked voice fell back to normal as he gave a grim look onto Ethan, “The guy grabbed a blade from his jacket,” The guy sat up “He said to me ‘stay down, otherwise I’ll kill her!’ So this man in his shop, he has a knife to my daughters throat. I say to him ‘look, take anything you want, just don’t hurt my daughter’ and I can see the fear in him whilst my wife passes him the money and her necklace and her ring,” the guy paused for a moment whilst he took a breathe to take in all of what he was saying.

“Once he took all of our belongings the fear must have gotten too much for him, and I’m telling my daughter that everything is going to be ok, I promised her that everything would be ok,” the guy continued, “I looked into his eyes, I could tell what he was thinking, he was petrified. And In a moment of dread,” He paused again and choked, another teardrop dribbled down his cheek, “He slashed her throat. He sprinted out of the building with everything he needed and left my daughter on the floor, dying. Blood everywhere. And I promised her that. And now she’s gone!”

The woman strolled back into the room, now with just another warm drink in her hand, all papers gone. She looked at the clock as soon as she sat down. 12:14.

“She’s gone Ethan. And guess who’s to blame!”

“How do you know my name? Who are you?” Ethan demanded an answer.

The guy looked at Ethan and laughed “You know who I am!”


The woman behind the desk said “Dr Prouse will see you now,” After no reply “Excuse me, Dr Prouse will see you now,”

Ethan looked at the woman surprised. He stood up and the man was gone. He stuttered for a moment “Ok,”

He turned to his left and entered the room.

“Please, Ethan, take a seat,” Ethan sat down, “Tell me why you think you’re in here today,”

Ethan hesitated, “I… I don’t know,”

She gave a concerning look to him, “I know what you did may have shaken you Ethan. Up until now you have seemed to be a completely normal and healthy person,” She flicked through her papers, “So what all of a sudden possessed you to commit this terrible thing?”

Ethan hesitated even more, “I don’t know! Why am I in here?”

She grew an anxious and confused face, “Ethan, what do you know about the evening of Saturday the 25thmarch?”

“I don’t know!” He shouted and jumped out of his chair.

As she wrote on her paper Ethan was growing extremely uneasy, “Ethan. I know this is hard for you to hear but why did you do it. Why did you murder the girl?”


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