another fragment

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A small portion of the life of Tom, monster, lover, hero. Whichever you feel is appropriate.

Submitted: June 01, 2008

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Submitted: June 01, 2008



‘Where the fuck are you?’ he bellowed, his shout bouncing off the suffocating walls as he slammed the door behind him, throwing on the living room light.

The soft sound reached his ears as he leapt up the stairs, four at a time.

She lay, choked with fear, the light from downstairs transforming the shadows into nightmarish creatures. His silhouette flickered across the floor as he tried and failed to flick the light on, the globe was blown.

‘Tom?’ her voice was small, weak in the dark room.

‘Is the bulb your only problem?’ he muttered darkly, swinging the door shut at her reply, sending the room further into the depths of night.

His anger had not completely left him as he strode silently across the room, running his long fingers through her hair when he reached the bedside.

‘I was already in bed when it blew and-’ she sniffed, shaking as he sat beside her. ‘I was waiting up for you.’ She added as he took her hand in his.

‘I’m here now, so you’ve got no problem.’ he replied, lowering himself onto her, a smile catching at the edges of his lips.  ‘Aren’t you a little old to be afraid of the dark now?’ his right arm was over her head, supporting his weight as he ran his fingers over her face.

‘Stop it Tom.’ Her eyes were tightly clamped shut, her voice catching in her throat as she lay, unmoving, paralyzed with fear.

‘There’s only me here. I won’t let anyone hurt you.’

She felt herself shaking under his lips as they found her mouth. The pinprick at her waist sent the poison rushing through her body, rendering every limb useless.

‘Even I used to be afraid of the dark.’ He ran a hand down her body as he spoke, smirking as her eyes squeezed tighter. ‘Don’t worry. I’ll fix you.’

‘I don’t wanna be fixed, just turn on the light, please.’ she begged, her voice cracking.

‘No,’ he shook his head slowly at her as he spoke before ordering, ‘open your eyes.’

‘No, Tom, please.’

‘You’ll be fine.’ He rolled off her, leaving the room.

‘Tom? Tom please.’ Her voice rose in pitch, rolling into tears as the fear enveloped her.

The silence that followed was soon split by the shattering of glass, the light bulb as it fell to the wooden floorboards. A shriek burst from her lips, her eyes still tightly shut.

‘Just changing the light hon.’ he chuckled, he’d entered the room silently. ‘If only you had your eyes open.’

‘It’s dark, just turn it on please Tom.’

‘It is on.’

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