Stream of needs

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Submitted: May 08, 2013

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Submitted: May 08, 2013



Never did I force myself anything
instead I just let myself flow with the most natural stream of my needs.

I did not have an usual sleeping routine.
I would just stay awake till I had consumed the last bit of energy left inside.
When my body was taking of, only then would I decide to sleep.

I would not have a certain amount of meals like the others.
Only would I eat when I was filled with appetite.

No word would come out when there was nothing in particular that I wanted to say.
Always would I notice how people around me forced themself in conversations, asking questions which were clearly not asked out of interest.

There I stood, not exchanging words that didn’t reach any of my passions at all. 
There were no wasted words reaching my ears, instead I kept listening to the melody of the song that was embracing my heart.

People started to think I was unhealthy 
skipping meals and having irregular sleep.
People started to suspect that I was lonely
since my attitude didn’t offer me alot of friends.
They thought I was depressed, that I had fallen into misery.

In the end, none of these suspicions where true.
In fact, happiness was alot more present in me than in them.
I knew some secrets of life, I knew how to fulfill my desires
flowing along with my very own stream
never forcing myself to face unnecessary obstacles.

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