The Silhouette Man

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

A man appears, hidden by darkness, but when he steps into the light, all is not as it should be.

The Silhouette Man

The sun's heat relinquished its rage over Berwick, and Autumn began to nestle itself cosily in the air. The nights were subtly growing, and the breeze cooled. I didn't want summer to end, I thrived in such conditions. It was now early September but we hadn't changed at all. We were still out late, still in undeniable waves of trouble, and we fucking loved it. My mum was having a party for her mate Paula tonight, and we were gonna get suitably slaughtered. Me and Chris were meeting Gary who was walking back through Todd's Green. The rich area, full of pretentiousness and nosy neighboured who watered at the mouth with the prospect of spying passers by and poking their oar in. Linger too long or walk too slow and one of these pricks would inquire why. We hated that. We hated them.
The conventional route was to jet round Clovelly Way and ascend the bridge, but it was long and more arduous than needed to be. If you didn't mind the prospect of muddied shoes, you could cut past the back of the Fisherman, and negotiate along side the hill, delivering you straight to the zenith of the bridge. Darkness occupied the hours it had now stolen from summer, and me and Chris scraped through the gravel car park to venture behind the pub. A sharp line of light illuminated part of the field, but behind that was a jet black blanket of mystery. As we stood, angled with the gradient of the hill, we were about to pass the bush on the left. This bush had two sides. One side was cluttered with nettles, impossible to navigate through, and an eyesore. The other side, descended down towards the motorway, a small hidden avenue allowed you to walk inside, and at the conclusion of the hill was a lopsided table that a generation before us had stole. The perfect place to get pissed, and get away with it. We were the cluttered side that you couldn't explore. As we stepped through sodden mud, a figure swept out from the bush and stood directly in front of us.
At first, I assumed it must have been a punter, who'd stepped behind the pub to take a slash or something. Then I realised that the Fisherman had toilets, he didn't need to do that, he wasn't 14 like us, he was allowed in the pub. Next, the realisation overcame me that he'd stepped out of the side he shouldn't. You couldn't walk through that part, and his movement generated no sound. The sharp line kept his features from our eyes, and he took a single step towards us. The light now offered him no protection, but his features were still a mystery. He was black, jet black, he was a shadow, a silhouette. A strange bowler type hat adorned his head and a cape was visibly hanging from behind him. My eyes desperately searched his face. There was none. He was as the night, and there were no eyes to make contact with. The light brightly shone on him, but made no difference. 
I remained locked in fear. I didn't know how to deal with this. Could he actually be real? What was he going to do with us? He gave nothing, and I surrendered my curiosity. I just wanted to return to safety now. But if he was real, and this was happening, would he let us escape. I hadn't even looked at Chris to determine what he thought, my eyes were paralysed in confusion and terror. We'd dealt with this before, but with people, with people chasing us. But this, this made me doubt my ability to run. Just how fast might this thing be? The moment seemed to stretch, and I waited for one of us to make some sort of move. There was an emptiness that embodied this figure, I could tell nothing from him. I wasn't sure if it was the eerie setting or the inability to define him, but he unnerved me more than anything I had ever encountered.
He took one more single step towards us, and without saying a word or looking at each other for approval, me and Chris both turned with perfect synchronisation and hurriedly backtracked towards Berwick. We didn't stop until the sign of the street secured our safety, and through panted inquisition we both made sure to ascertain what we had seen was true.
"You saw him Chris, he had some weird hat and Cape." I gasped, assuring myself that Chris' eyes had the same journey as mine.
"Fuck the hat, he didn't have a face Tom!" Yeah, there was that. Gary arrived around 20 minutes later, and despite repeated attempts, he wouldn't accept that our story was true. He simply gave us a look of "im not falling for that shit." But it was true and we grew more frustrated at his refusal to accept what we staked.
Back at my house, the party had lost relevance and excitement. We ebbed away at alcohol and a season on football manager, but it was mostly Gary, me and Chris were still shaken with surprise.
"Thomas." My mum called upstairs above the music I had set to play, and i appeared illuminated by light at the top of my stairs, face and all.
"Yeah." I replied.
I raced downstairs and wondered why she hadn't said who it was. Surely not the shadow man, I wasn't going to be met with that. My mum realised I didn't hang around with ghosts right? It wasn't him. It was Stephan. Joe's mate Stephan. Not my mate Stephan, why was Stephan here?
"Stephan, what you doing here?" I asked, genuinely confused and surprised for the second time tonight. He looked visibly tired and shaken. His friend he had with him mirrored this look.
"Little Joe isn't in, so can you help." He asked, in between measured breaths.
"I can try." I offered.
"Ok, listen, we need you to tell us how to get to Hitchin but..."
I interrupted.
"The A602."
"No, another way, something weird happened there."
My eyes fixated and my ears pricked. Just what weird happened? He continued.
"I don't even care if you believe me or not, but we walking down the road and we were at the side and this guy came out from the trees and he chased us. I tried to talk to him but he didn't say a word, he was dressed all fucked like he was in fancy dress. I kept trying to tell him we didn't want trouble but he just kept coming at us. Then this car's full beams hit him and he was like a silhouette, I'm telling you man he was like a silhouette, and he had this silly hat, we just fucking legged it."
I began to try and explain our side of the same tale. A silhouette, that was the perfect description.
"We had the same thing, at the Fisherman, and the man, and the hat." I stuttered between sentences, trying to assure him I understood.
"No seriously this actually happened!" He pleaded.
"I know, I can prove it happened to us." I turned. "Chris! Chris!" I yelled. Chris raced down the stairs and I told him to tell Stephan about the man from earlier. Stephan knew I wasn't lying. And all of us left to show Stephan and his friend a safer alternative route. One that avoided the Fisherman, one that avoided the A602. We returned once again, but Paula's party had lost its punch. The Silhouette man was an enigma I couldn't quite understand, but a huge part of me wanted to try and find him. I was sure that wasn't the last we'd see of him.

Submitted: September 17, 2015

© Copyright 2020 TomBerwick. All rights reserved.

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Keke Serene

This was nice. You description was on point. Well done.
One mini complaint. I had some trouble understand in the locations of your characters routes, and had to go back and read it again to get a full understanding. I don't know if this is because of the block writing, or my lack of directional terminology (probably so) but it'd be nice if you could space out your paragraphs to make for smoother reading. All in all. Wonderful. Like. :)
Please check out my works if you get the time :3
Happy Writing!!!
xxx starsthatfellonrandumgirlatnite

Thu, September 17th, 2015 2:08pm


A nice simple, classic little ghost story. I enjoyed it.

Thu, September 17th, 2015 4:17pm

Jeff Bezaire

A wonderful ghost story. Very old school. I like how you leave the ending; no explanation, no resolution - it's just a tale of some of the many people who have undoubtedly encountered the Silhouette Man.

Thu, October 8th, 2015 3:31am


Thanks, and yes you are correct. There are others who have seen him and had a far worse experience.

Wed, November 4th, 2015 9:46am

Chris Green

Great tale with nice plot development paragraph on paragraph, the only issue I have is one of formatting. Booksie is not kind to presentation so you need to find ways of spacing the paragraphs before posting but I liked the story a lot.

Wed, November 4th, 2015 6:24pm

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