These Dreadful Nights

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Collection of poems by me, some define genres and some bump into genres, hope you like it


The Bed at the Other End

There is a bed at the end of my room.

It keeps staring back at me, as if someone is there.

I am so confused,

So alone.

What do I do?

Do I call my parents?

But whatever I do

The bed always stare back at me.

My parents say there is no bed

But I know there is.

But something is different about this time?

All I see now is




Pax Vesania

On top of the highest hill.

On top of the highest mountain



A structure that defines gravity and logic.

Always staring back at it’s victims down below

The queen sits and watches

She calls out commands

She is god


no hope for anyone

Even you.

The Birth

We all know birth right?

We all been through it at least once

We were concived in it

But something that most people don’t know

Is that the birth just means

You are dead.

Your fetus is your life, and this is your afterlife

The afterlife after this one, is just a blank space of blackness

A void

So basically we are all dead

That is the mircale of childbirth is this.


In These Dreadful Nights

In these dreadful nights

In these nights there is no hope for no one

These dreadful nights are different




This is my life now

Hope you like it

This is my dreadful night

Reliving my death over and over again.



Submitted: November 01, 2017

© Copyright 2021 Tomie. All rights reserved.

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