Allahu Akbar

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This a poem I penned following the Woolwich murder []
It simply disgusted me and I realised, it is not racism that is generating so much hate. It is the religion for which these murderers are preaching by.
I wrote this in a spare break I got today, and I am sorry if it offends anyone, but it is how I feel. Criticise it, or agree with it, I don't mind.

Submitted: May 23, 2013

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Submitted: May 23, 2013



"All?hu Akbar!"
God is great.
Weapon raised high,
Morals too far down,
Imperceptible to the eye.

There lies a fallen soldier;
A victim of hate.
Sparked not by racism,
But by a particular belief
In a bloodthirsty deity.

The omnipotent being,
The benevolent role model,
The one true creator Lord,
Perched up high in Jannah
Looking after His creation.

Colour and race are no problem,
But creed; belief; misplaced trust.
Murdering in the name of a deity
Who is torn between love and hate.
Which record does he base himself off?

So it was yesterday in Woolwich
That a deceived exemplar
Brutally stole a life.
Breached the Sanctity of Life.
And bathed in the blood of innocence.

Claim it in the God's name!
Justify your malevolence!
And go forth to threaten and maim
Not just physically, but emotionally,
As a Mother now has to mourn.

"It's going to be the average guy"
You threaten to kill next.
"Like you and your children"
Threatening chastity now?
Oh what a great God you live by.

This is not an attack on race.
The Muslim community has some respect
For the country that cradles diversity,
And does not murder or maim
For the sake of a petty belief.

This is an exposition
For the evils of religion.
Or more, the misunderstandings
That have caused much bloodshed
And warfare for the past millennia.

"All?hu Akbar!"
Not today.
There will be no endorsement
For a belief that condones


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