the dead body with the living spirt

the dead body with the living spirt

Status: Finished

Genre: Mystery and Crime



Status: Finished

Genre: Mystery and Crime



how can someond die twice Emmy is a girl who dided 10 years ago but is found by detective Mark Prestion a detective who is also an old freind of Emmy's with such a imposible death will Mark find the murder or will this mystery beat him
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how can someond die twice Emmy is a girl who dided 10 years ago but is found by detective Mark Prestion a detective who is also an old freind of Emmy's with such a imposible death will Mark find the murder or will this mystery beat him

Chapter1 (v.1) - the dead body with the living spirt

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how can someond die twice Emmy is a girl who dided 10 years ago but is found by detective Mark Prestion a detective who is also an old freind of Emmy's with such a imposible death will Mark find the murder or will this mystery beat him

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 27, 2012



It was a forsty winters night and for the 3rd time this week Mrs Deplo the women who lived at number 9 had been woken up by

the screaming and shouting comeing from next doors house.
Mrs Deplo was a really nosey old women with short silver hair a turnd up nose and pail pink lips.
she pressed her ear agenst the wall to listen to what they were saying.
"it hurts let go of me" screamed  the young lady next door.Mrs Deplo bit her lip "Eric come listen to this" she wispers a

eldely man walked across the room he also had short silver hair his nose was small and fat and his lips were very thin

"What is it deer" he replyed streaching and yawning.
"That young couple from next door again you know i think he hit her" she said in shock.
Eric shook his head "they always argue its propebly nouthing"said Eric snuggling down into the quilt  just then the was a

loud screm and a thud.
Mrs Deplo turned her head sharply "im calling the police" she said reaching for the phone on her old wooden bed side table.
The police arived shortly after the call was made and mrs Deplo was alredy sitting on her yeard bench .
A small fat pail man jumped out of the police car he had short curly brown hair 2 small beedy blue eyes and fat red lips
"Whats going here miss " he said in a gruff voice.
"well im not sure we just heard screaming from next door and we do know thet her partner can be a basterd at some times. Oh

and please call me Jude not Miss"
the offecer looked at her strangly and nodded.
"Anyone there" he shouted banging on the door.
There was no reply he took his hat off his head and slamed it down to the floor "IT IS THE POLICE COME OUT NOW OR I'LL

BRAKE THE DOOR DOWN" he shouted in temper and started to take steps away from the door.
After a munite with all his forse he ranforward and broke the door down. He hit it so hard it smashed into a million


As he walked into the house he saw a body at the bottom of the stairs.
He ran over to her and serched for a pulss he shook his head it was strage she look very fimilure.
He froze in thought for a few munites and gasped "an ambulance get Detective preston on the phone i think he's gonna want

to see this.
The ambulance and Detective Mark Preston were there as soon as the officer put the phone down.
In walked Preson "whats going on here" he said in a posh snobby voice.
the officer looked at him with a worried look "take a look for your self sir" he said as he bit his lip.
Preston walked over the the cold and lifeless body he looked at her with suprise and took his thick round glasses off "oh

my god it cant be its Zara Thompson the famouse fashion designer".
The officer nodded and they both lifted the body to take it to the ambulance.
"I cant belive it" said Mrak rubbing his long pointy nose.

They waited in the hospitle for the women to be examend the room was dull with white walls and a gray floor even the chairs

were just a plain grey.
"being in this room is depresing me even more" sighed Mark.
"Why you so upset about it" the officer asked scraching his chin.
"well i used to be best freinds with her but after we left school we just didnt see eachother much.
 until her sister Emmy died in a car crash and to this day i swear she was acting weird at first i thought it was because

Emmy had died but im not sure i just felt somthing was wrong.
the officer shook his head "shame" he said putting his chin in his hands.
"Mr preston can we talk to you" said a very small pail nurse.
Mark got up and walked into the room where Zara lay "yes" he said.
"well after examination we know 2 things 1 she was beaten to death and 2 this isnt Zara Thompsons body" the nurse told him.
Mark looked at her funny "well whos body is it then" he asked taking his top hat off to show his bright orange hair.
"Well that the comfusing thing the body belongs to her dead sister Emmy".
Marks eyes grew wide with comfusen "b b b but thats imposible" he sttuterd and took the DNA sheet off the nurse to look for

him self.
It ws there clear as day it was defently the body of Emmy Thompson he walked out the hospitle and started home

That night Mark didnt sleep a wink how in the world could someone die and then die again 1o years after and where was Zara

He squeesed the bed cloths tight and tryed to go sleep in hope that somthing might come to light that could help him.
When he woke up he still couldnt think of anything at all but he knew that this was no ordenery murder.
he put on his black suit and top hat and went to find Emmys and Zaras perants.

As he walked along the street his mined began to wonder just how in the world can someone die twice it was defently Emmy

the DNA results proved that
he thought.
He reached the house he gased up at the big classy manchion that gleemed in the summer sun.
Detective prestion begain to walk up the path that led up to the door and knocked on.
A tall skinny women with bright blond hair and rosey red lips flung open the door "Hello" she said looking at him.

Mark took off his hat and placed it on his cheast "hi Juily im affrade i have some bad news may i come in" he sighed.
Juily's eyes widend with fear "Mark so long a yet no see sure you can come in".
He enterd the manchion and stood in the door way.
"would you like some tea deer?" Juliy asked mark nodded as he looked around the hallway.
The wall were peach with a red spirle stair case the golden frames hung from the walls like trophies and the black marble

floor was so shiney he could see is face in it.
"Teas ready" she stutterd remembring Mark was here to tell her bad news.
"come and sit in the living room" she said moving to one side.
Mark enterd the cream room and sat down on the chair.
"so whats this bad news?" Juily asked putting a silver teapot and 2 chiner cups on the table.
Mark sighed "theres no easy way to say this but im affraid Emmy is dead" he said slowley.
she looked at him for a few munits "i know she died 10 years ago Mark" she said giving him a funny look
he nodded his head "i know but DNA proves its Emmy's body we found yestrday and we dont know where Zara is" he said

srugging his shoulders "But we need your promishion to use her for the investigation".
Juily took a sip of her tea and a tear ran down her cheek "let me see her" she said begging to cry.

He took her to the hospitle where her daugheter was Juily bit her lip and sobbed loudly into her hands "youe right it is

Mark flung his arms around her "so can we use the body" he asked.
"on one condision" she said Mark put his hand on her shoulder "anything" he awnsed softly.
"find the one who did this find the person who killed my baby and bring zara back safely" she shouted
Mark nodded "one more thing where is David Emmy's Dad" he added before leaving.
Juily wiped her eyes "he's on a biussnes trip in france" she cried and Mark left the buildling

Mark returned to the crime Sean and began to dust for finger prints.
He found 2 or 3 plus to diffrent blood samples " not a bad start" he chuggled to him self but as he went to go out a small

plump bauld man walked in.
Mark looked at him "who are you" said the man Mark cleard his throte "how rude of me my name is Detective Mark Prestion but

i need to ask who are you sir".
"Im Jason thr person who lives here. whats going on and Wheres my wife Zara?" he asked looking round the room.
Mark looked at him "you may want to sit down it kinda a long and comfusing story" he said nodding at a chair.
"well You thought you were living with Zara Thompson am i right?".
Jason nodded "soon to be Mrs Zara baskafeild" he said proudly.
mark scribbled on he noted book before saying "Well we found her dead yesterday in this room only it was her sister Emmy

who died 10 years ago and we dont know what happend to zara".
Jason fell silent for a few munits and then said "the last i know Zara who ever i was going to marry next week was on the

i didnt cach much of what it was about but all i hear is i cant belive what you did to her and i want out and then she

slammed the phone down " he said shaking.
Mark scribbled some more down "im gonna need her purse and hambag for evidance" he said putting the note book back into his

Jason didnt hesatate he gave mark the stuff strate away and let mark out of the house.

Mark went home and tried to peice somthing together he looked in the purse for any sort of id he found her drivers license

a bank card and proof of age all of wich had
Zaras name on it.
He scrached his head how is was all this possible he looked though his note book and read the notes over and over
"soon to be married" "had and argument with somone on the phone and bout how she wanted out and how could the person on the

other end do something so horrible"
"Dad goes on a bussnis trip just after the murder" it was all strange.
He resurched the famouse fashion designer Zara Thompson and he found that she lost alot of publiate just after her sister

died it seemed her desgnes where just not
as good as what they where.

as a few day past he felt he was Just going in circles until.
It was a Foggy Dark Tuesday night and mark was on his way home after anougher day of getting no where into the case
and he bumped into someone on the street "you" whisperd  a girl in a black cloke.
Mark turned around sharply to look at her but could not see her face "your investigating Emmy Thompsons death righ?".
Mark nodded and tryed to peek at her face "yes it me but who are you" Mark asked.
"shhhh someone might hear us meet me in the ally in 10 munits dont ask why and you must come alone i have things to tell

you" she said and with that disapererd into the fog.

Mark did as he was told and sure enough the girl was there.
"ok im just a good freind of Emmy's and Zaras" she said taking the black hood down to show her pail face
Mark nodded "now tell me what you know and why you need to keep you identity so secret" he asked sharply.
"The murder also thretend me when he knew i found out i cant tell you who it is or how they did it but i'll leave you with

this and it will give you the awnser.
Zara died but her sirit lived on inside someone elses body however Emmys spirit died but her body lived until last week

when she found out the truth.
Then the murder took emmys body and Zara's Spirit now they are both dead.
Also the one who killed last week also killed 10 years ago" she said.

Mark wached her disapper into the mist and steard in comfusion he started to drive home but his thoughts made him turn

around and go to the hospitle
"hi the names Detective Mark prestion im looking for a Dr Jhonson he did a ID on Emmy Thompson 10 years ago. he said to the

she looked at him sturnly. "Im afraind he was fired after that case he was found with a fake ID of Miss Emmy Thompson that

was created just a week after her death and with a bag full of money
Probebly stolen if you ask me" she said in a snobbish voice.

Mark Thought hard and his eyes grew wide "Thank you" he shouted and ran out he ran back to Juilys house and bannged on the

Juily opend the door slowly "good evvning Mark what bring you here" she said.
"I need to know did Emmy get on with her dad" he said trying to cach his breath
Juily shook her head "she did up until a few days before she was murderd" she said.
Marks lit up with supprise and shock "when is David due back do you know?" he asked
"his plane lands in about 1 hour but why do you need to know?"
Mark snapped his fingers i'll explane eveything soon but for now i need you to come with me".
Juily didnt say anything and did as she was told.

When they arrived at the airport mark called into his radio "hi im gonna need a cop car and fast" he whisperd
as soon as he finnished talking David's planewas coming in for landing and off walked David he was a very tall plump man

with a button nose and dark brown eyes "mark i havent seen you in ages how are ya mate" he laughed.
Mark fiddled with his hat a bit and cleard his throte "Im not your freind you rotton murder"
David turned pail "me? you think i killed my own daughter" he sniggerd
Mark laughed and looked at Juily who was standing next to him "Funny how he knew his daughter had been murderd and yet it

hadnt been relesed on the news isnt it unless you rang him Juily did you?" he said folding his arms.
Juily fell silent and shook her head she began to tear up and looked away.
"Then that must mean you killed her sir and dont denie it i know you killed her and i know why" Mark said smuggly.
David gave a loud grunt "fine then you tell me how you know" he snarled
"10 years ago Zara your daughter was really good at fashion and her job brang grate welth to her family how ever she wanted

to sell the busniss but you knew that would mean no money.
So while she was on her way to sell the busniss you followed her and crashed in the back of her causing her th drive into a

You then payed a doctor alot of money to make is look as if it was Emmy who died.
Who you then poswaded to take her sisters place and because she just thought he had a car acsedent she agreed.
How evey not long ago her husband caughter having a row on the phone with someone saying what a terrible thing they had

done and she wanted out and was going to reveal what terrible deed you had done she only found out after she found your

letter to the doctor telling him eveything about the death.
You knew she ment what she said so you went to her house and you beat her didnt you." he shouted as he stamped on the


Juily began to cry "D D David i i i cant belive it h how c c c could you" she sobbed
David smerked "yes i did it i dont care and anyway i know my wife will bail me out" he said wwalking towards her.
"come on baby i love you."
Juily looked at him and slapped him "Get that basteard out of my site now" she shouted as she turned and walked away.
Mark began laugh "looks like your wrong and with a case like yours i think your looking at a life sentance" and with that

he arested David and took him to his Cell where he belonged


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