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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Who lurks there? In The Dungeon of Despair? Tommy Lucas is bare...



It was in the Endless Past that our sins were cast. It happened long ago but feels like yesterday when we reminisce.


Are we not supposed to live in the present? Is that not the biggest gift of all? The here and now?


All these thoughts slowly filled, at capacity, Tommy Yeshua’s mind as he pondered forgotten clues that pointed in endless directions.


Ambivalence seemed to be the foresight Tommy was looking for all along. So it happened to be that on this very day, Tommy met Patrick.


Pat had a devilish smile that Tommy seemed to bring out in him. His smile was only matched by hi9s eyes that told endless lies wrapped in truth. One could not get to the bottom of Pato’s deep dungeon of despair. Well perhaps one could, but would you want to know what lurks beneath those dark, dreamy yes? It thought so...


And so the future gleamed like his set of very distinguished teeth. Matched only by his massive cock, Patty was proud of several other important factors.


Fact #1: He had at last found his true soul mate.


Fact #2: He reminded him of his only son Alex, who was only 10 years old.


Fact #3: His narcissism grew exponentially, like his dick, when was reminded of his own reflection when he himself was a boy.


There are many more facts that matter I’ll have you know, but there are so many equally important lies. These must first be uncovered before the story unfolds any further.


Ï’m happy with the size of my cock,” Patty would brag over his cellular phone. I would return the favour and comment that I agreed but was secretly disgusted that we were only onb the airwaves and both he and I could do nothing about it.


Anyway, so all Tommy really wanted was what he never experienced before; uninhibited sex with Patrick. For he was the only one that could exorcise the demons of his very soul.


Patty only came once but Tommy only mind-gasmed (yet again) twice. Tommy secretly thought to himself “I could have kept using drugs if I wanted to mind-gasm like that, you know.”


These thoughts were lost on him and Patty as he silently gasped at his own dismal fortitude of solace.


The only solace he had was bathing in the notion that when Patty and Tommy finally had meaningful, sexy sex, Tommy would be free from his Endless Past.


You’re absolutely right, you know, it would be classy (if not required) to end the story just like it had begun. But where is the fun in that?!

“Will I ever orgasm from sex, like ever?” His sexual frustration had reached its’capacity when there was at last a loud knock on the door.


Tommy hesitated only for a brief moment before widely opening the door and bravely facing what could have been a dark creature of the night...


Pat wasted no time (for once) and roughly pushed Tommy’s solar plexus with just the palm of his hand (as his training permitted him to do).


Tommy Yeshua gasped for air as his winded self-image fell back on the floor, at first flying through the air towards the master bedroom.


“Is this the beginning or the end?” Tommy secretly fantasised and wondered to himself. It was at that very moment that Pat picked up Tommy by his feet and dragged hijm to the bed, where he was thrown.


And just as Tommy was about to let out a heave gasp that the massive bulge that was speedily forming in Patty’s crotch, Pat covered Tommy’s mouth with his big hands.


Well, sufficed to say that one hand was busy ripping off both our clothes and carelessly throwing them on the floor. Vaseline was harshly rubbed all over Pat’s enlarged penis and, without warning, plunged into Tommy’s tight region.


A muffled scream was heard by both heaven and hell at that point of the game.


Patty thrashed into Tommy like waves crashing against horny shores.


With each hit of his prostate, Tommy finally knew what it felt like to feel both pleasure and pain concurrently.


The both began the cycle of orgasm almost at the same time, like a choir singing in unison.


After what felt like hours of breathing threw his nose, Tommy’s hands were released from being pinned down above his skull.


It was at this juncture Tommy took the opportunity to whisper “Cum, baby, cum” and was ironically heard. “I’m not done with you yet...” Pat replied, gasping for air himself.


“You’re so tight. I LOVE your ass.”Patty whispered gently, as his thrusts started to relent.


I spoke too soon again, I’m afraid, for Patty and Tommy rocked, rolled, rattled and shook.


The entire room seemed to shake as their multiple-oirgasms filled the air. It was almost as full as Tommy’s crack.


“Now I know what it feels like to cum. With Patrick so far up my tight bum. My turn now so roll over, Pat. Legs in the air, get on your back”.


And it was the ultimate paradox that the wide-shouldered, hunk of a man obeyed Tommy’s order.


Tommy was slightly nervous for it was his first time at being a giver instead of a receiver.


He moaned with pleasure as he wildly entered Patty’s hole. It didn’t take long for Tommy to cum but i\\t was a first time experience that he was surely never to forget.


He thrashed Pat’s prostate at least 3 times so both were satisfied beyond measure.


“You’ll get even better, baby” Pat whispered like winds carrying away autumn leaves left for dead.


It was then that Patty proceeded to pin him down again and abusively assault his tight darkness, yet again.


This was only the true beginning for them, but more than enough was shared to make it THE END (lmao).


Tommy Lucas


Submitted: July 06, 2014

© Copyright 2022 Tommy Yeshua. All rights reserved.

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