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Directions for my baby to come find me...please read the map book for all the problems in our world will soon be solutions...

Submitted: January 15, 2013

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Submitted: January 15, 2013



Alex Come Find Me...

My dad threw out your number...his biggest blunder...

We came to blows...only hell & heaven knows...

How much I hate that dog

Needs to get a good flog

See thru all his own fog

Instead of being a dog

You're the only man that I liked

You turn me on night after night

Even though you're not physically here

I'll keep running this race my dear

Do you want me as much hun?

Or are you happy on the run?

Who makes you happy mate?

Who's allowed through your gate?

So you can control your anger now...

You're the only one who's getting a bow...

I'm proud of you that you made it out of there

I'm proud of you that you don't care

For all the bullshit others spit out

Give them truth then they'll loop out

It's the world we can rule together

I'm speaking this into reality forever

It won't take long babe

Many talents I have made...

I wrote poetry, novels, play the piano

All without those always saying no

When I'm a yes person all the way

Every night and every day

What more can I really say?

Check out everything I wrote to let you go

If I never see you again, my heart will know

That I don't want or need anyone but you

So 27 years will turn into God knows what

So sick of all the boring robots

The hotties will be named Alex in honour...

Of the most attractive man I like to bother

Just to turn you on even more

Just as you walked out that door

I'll never forget you Alex am I lying?

For you it's almost worth me dying...

I'm using my talents to get the word out there

So multi-millions with you I will always share

Whatever you want it shall be given

Come with me and you will be living

The life you deserve from start 'til stop

Fuck 'em all 'coz soon we'll have the lot

That's all for now 'til I look into your eyes again

I hope that destiny does exist we're around the bend...

I have to be strong and so do you

Until we make 'em turn black then blue

Whatever we want 'coz soon we'll be control

Of every plate, knife, fork, spoon and bowl...

You know what's coming and so do I

We already know just how to fly...

Dedicated to Alex

Tommy Luca$$$

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