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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: January 16, 2013

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Submitted: January 16, 2013




We're nearly there now

Just turning the corner how?

By part of me that needs to make it

All of me who tends to break it

Put all of you into a ticked box

Can no longer get chicken pox

The hardest thing so far I guess

Loss of my man's number, his chest

Could have called him straight up the other day

Told everyone to get out of my way

I've got too many things to do

Alex & I have some ruling to do

The world alone has not seen yet

Are you strong enough to place your bet

The world alone can not keep us apart

We could blend into one another like art

All the associates that wish to be

Cursing Him or cursing me

It makes no difference all the bother

Alex will be my every other

I met him in the worst possible place

He taught me things from one quick embrace

Wish that could have lasted forever now

Because I can only remember his face, now bow

He's slipping away from my memory soon

Long before he's sent me over the moon

Obviously obsession and love is rare like this

The only man that I would want to kiss

All his pain and my pain far far away

To be re-united is my plan today

And tomorrow and any subsequent day so far

It's just making us wait and it seems so far

Away from all who hiss and curse

Put their lives right in reverse

When they see two soulmates collide

And jump right on that sweet-ass ride

To show the world just how much we care

Not for the bullshit you wouldn't even dare

To ask any question until I've got what I need

Alex is making my very spirit bleed

In his absence I must grow stronger

And wait yet another mile longer

Too many souls to try and be saved

All the sick, healthy and depraved

Just make me famous for all I write

That way I can get on the news if I like

Tell me on camera my man is coming to me

Open up the world's eyes so they can see

Does he even understand what I would do

To bring both our halves together like we should do

Together we can rule this earth

From our new collision, new birth

For all that read this curse,

Just leave a comment, a verse

So I know someone is hearing me

And cares to set us both free...

Tommy Luca$$$

© Copyright 2017 tommylucas. All rights reserved.

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