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Submitted: January 26, 2013

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Submitted: January 26, 2013



 Is this all there really is? 

Surely I'm wrong for once hey?

Was I looking at it the "wrong" way?

Wasting my time converting the liars

Convert them I could but why the tries?

Was just trying to ignite our fire

Through truth and real desire

Only some can read this you know

Some of their eyes are still in "NO!"

I'm a "YES" person I'm sure of it

No longer going to blame it

Not worth my thinking space

Just like shoes without the lace

Funny how "love" can turn to hate

In just a moment of clarity instead of denial

Their self-lies run as long as the river Nile

Over their shit I've got my own life to live

To all those denial freaks I refuse to give

The lies they want to enforce their belief

Just like all these trees without the leaf

Won't need drugs to forget you fool

Already said what I meant you tool

Just a little disappointed that we nearly had it all

Before you decided to be a liar and drop the ball

But lie to yourself is all the power you have left

I'm pretty sure I put your real truth to the test

Pass I did when it was my turn

But I guess you'll burn and burn

The funny thing is you still don't give a shit yet

But one day soon you will I don't need to bet

I know what I know and that is enough for me

Man we were so close but you still couldn't see

Frustrating for yourself isn't it?

Feel that anger within the shit?

I'll tell you why you're so indifferent at the mo

Because in your spirit you are a bit of a bi-mo

Accept this truth is the one thing you're scared of

Boo-hoo for you I don't feel sorry my ex-love

Free-falling I am now but flying so high it's true

But I almost forgot you don't care for truth hey you?

Think you see the blood and steel

It's only partially real

I'll give you one last punishment through truth

It's only the blood of Jesus that will save their booth

That's for the innocent but I'll make you now laugh

But wait you must because I want to take a bath

OK back now so where were YOU at again?

Oh that's right missing out on your biggest friend!!!

What an idiot you are I thought you were so smart

Screw the wagon you fell off my very cart

Made me laugh like anything inside you silly fool

Still trying to put that square into a circle you tool

Your biggest punishment is yet to come

You'll see in the physical when I'm done

Countless of others aesthetically hotter than you

Are to be lining up around the streets so boo-hoo

HAHAHAHA see I'm truly happy now I've let go

Of the biggest loser that wanted to make me his ho

I decide what happens fricken idiot

When oh when will you get with it?!

Probably never, why do you think I gave up on you?!

To truly survive in spirit you must find a new soulmate more true

It WAS me but you don't know what you've got

'Til it's long gone now isn't that your truth cock

I think that's the only head you truly use

I was even going to let you get away with abuse!!!

Oh if you could only accept the reality of all this

But for now it would send your fragility into a 'diz'

OK I'm done now write about you I never will "mate"

There are countless better others just waiting at my gate!!!

Truth hurts doesn't it even if it takes years to set in

But we both know it is I who will ultimately win...

Don't worry no-one's really coming for you (lmao)

I was just bull-shitting all your own poo

See how it "feels" now you silly toy

Find me once you're a man, not a boy!!!

Tommy Luca$$$

tommylucas66@gmail.com if you have anything to say i doubt it you dumby! hahahahaha winning and grinning i am!

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