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Submitted: January 15, 2013

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Submitted: January 15, 2013




Yes we all have our voices

To own the world through choices

Just tell me the truth now

Am I going to milk that cash cow?

The ideas I have are too good

Own this world like we should

I hate all self-liars who think they're fooling

Everyone who lack the truth, just drooling

They only add disruption to their heart

Which was too frozen from the start

Only one man can melt me down

His number's gone, a big frown...

That's why I need your help please

To pass these stories/poems on like keys

To a door that truly fits

I've almost got the over-its...

The quicker I get famous and known

The quicker I can have every bone

Of the man I care for

He's almost at my door!

He gave me a gift you see

It's my turn to give not bleed

I've barely got enough blood anyway

But I still give and give on payday

I do it because I'm investing

In my future and yours; A Blessing

So as they're building my Mansion

We'll be running from dad and mum

Unless they choose to treat us right

We'll just ignore and live in our might

We'll have everything and don't need them

We just need each other it's 10 out of 10

So much more than a percentage please

While everyone bows and get on their knees

Worship us they will try and try and try

We'll tell them to eat the rest of the pie

Can they handle so much truth mate?

I think they have another design for their gate!

Some will have the wireless keys that fit

Others will be on knees begging for it

At first it will be kind of strange

Don't they know we're deranged!

Nah we just know the future, man!

Just decide if you really can...

Make a choice today for tomorrow

No more fake, none left of sorrow

Alex & Lucas Inc. it will be and be

Our own private mess they won't see

Forgot our missions? I think not

I've always known since day dot

That I was sent to help the poor

Let them in please don't ignore

Everyone will have their say by the time

We create a brand new world all mine

Blood of Life Foundation Global it shall be

The biggest and best worldwide charity

So much to give there will be

From all my ideas you will see

One by one we will all become

Successful and safe, we're done

We're finished for now just until we

Open up the international charity...

Tommy Luca$$$

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