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Submitted: January 18, 2013

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Submitted: January 18, 2013



Mummy you're just a spirit away from me...

My mother died when I was 9. It takes 9 months for a baby to born. It took 9 years of bad habits to try and forget her through the wrong way. Now she lives inside me anyway so it's not a fight anymore. Thank you to all those above and below who allowed a visitation just for me. I feel you inside me mum and know all you done. Your favourite out of 5 kids we both knew I was. That's why you've protected me all these years with many tears. I'm back now mum and I know you never leaved. Cancer only got you after all those years. Just remember how much I love you and would still do anything for you. So please bring Alex back to me, we can calm each others' inner demons. Mine and his and HIS and mine I don't need to press rewind just to know she's still with me and she is fine where she is. Help my charity come to pass because through money we can make this world last. No more hungry, no more poor, thousands of ideas I have from my very core. Others think I'm too full on when all I'm doing is projecting back their own con. Handle it they must to see the truth then they will be permitted...not my choice I've made mine already so it's time you got considered. By yourself and uncover your own denial then we'll see how far that the nile exceeds; long before your very spirit bleeds.

The answers are there right in front of our faces. No matter the creed colour and their races. We are still confident just to be human. Except all the dogs that need nukin'.

Not up to me you know this now. It's up to you so get with it now. Before it's too late and they lose you too, manifesting their own problems from black to blue.

Just a quick note to request a visit. With my mummy who's now in spirit.

All the money in the world can't buy my man

This I am starting to understand

He'll either find me or not

Be right for himself or not

Everything he has ever wanted shall be his

And we'll send all the others into a tiz

But anyway mum if you can make any of this happen soon

Lucas & Alex Inc. will send most over the moon...


Tommy Luca$$$

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