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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksie Classic
LONELY AND STRONG! This is what made my man decide he was good enough for me! THIS IS CONFIDENCE PEOPLE!!!

Submitted: February 05, 2013

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Submitted: February 05, 2013



Well my internet has finally shut itself down
Been free for too long all over the town
But aside from that I'm on the streets again
So lonely just wishing upon a friend
Anyone who wants what I want too
To believe in themselves as I do
Is it possible for that one to come my way
Instead of waiting every night and day
I'm sitting outside a club now with no I.D
It sucks I could be dancing so free
Instead I'm on my own around others too
Not feeling a thing but almost boo-hoo
Hope I can get some money tomorrow
'Coz there's no one else left to borrow
Just a little money from the rock bottom as well
Almost feels like I've been sent right back to hell
As if I haven't been there before you know
Just when you're there they all say 'no'
You can't stay here anymore mate
We're closing up the gate
As if they had the right before
To open or close my own door
Sometimes being a virgin is power
But not at this minute, this hour
Just want that one man to make me feel
'Coz I've never been part of that deal
Only one I'll need one day soon I hope
Feel like evacuating the fricken' boat
Long before the anchor was set
Perhaps for me to long forget
What I never had
Should I be glad?
I don't think so but do they agree?
I know they're too scared to see
Gets me annoyed more and more
Even before I entered the "open" door
Will it it ever happen I wonder?
Enough left for me to ponder...
I thought I was done but not yet
The world is yet to place its bet
When it does I'll know they're ready
For me to arrive rock and steady
Well mum wherever you are
I miss you and wish your star
Was shining down on me
To really set me free
I would dance so hard for you right now
I would dance so hard and make you proud
I know I don't have to try anymore
I have the key the lock and door
You know all this I know for sure
Should I just become a cheap whore?
To get a quick fix like I know too well
Man would there be stories to tell
I can be comedic even where I am now
But I'll rise above and beyond somehow
I know this too baby just like you do
Just remind me how I'll get through
Faith is hard to come by sometimes
Even when I can rhyme and rhyme
Hope is better I guess I'll try that
Instead of listening to the rats
They think they know it all
Pride comes before the fall
I've got confidence now so yeah it seems
That I'm going to accomplish all my dreams...

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