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cure your depression. look to the sky instead of holding your held low and only feeling every more low. There's beauty up there u know...there's plenty of beauty everywhere if I recall correctly!

Submitted: February 09, 2013

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Submitted: February 09, 2013






well i tell you what

depression is hot

when you can control

the words from your hole

not the one that counts

or there abouts

haven't felt this way in 9 years

letting go of all my fears

was it an illusion , i think so

one truth wrapped in a lying bow

it's still a certain lie i believe

long before the depression wil leave

self-medication only works for so long

previously stuck on meth & the bong

trying effortlessly to be numb

i want the pain to survive it

not remain a victim like a twit

does this make sense to anyone?

entered that building after it's gone

they put up a parking lot

instead of being a robot

succumbing to hell i have done

and heaven is waiting for me to come

not done on this earth yet i guess

just going to do my very best

forgive and forget i don't think so

might make sense to them head to toe

i have my own may to let go

instead of listening to the mo

deep inside of me i want too

for me to piece together the clue

there's one left i need to survive

rather than buzzing he bee hive

do you like the truth i write?

can you see the wrong and right?

it's all actions not thoughts now

if you choose to take a bow

to ultimate truth waiting for you

i've got it clearly so how do you do?

just a short poem to publish out there

while everyone misses their care bear

teathered mine was 'til i met the end

then born again and sent around the bend

the new me starts and ends with a new name

see the new name was deliberately a game

i play to save the unsaveable and those in denial

whether their names be joel jamie or kyle

i'll end for now so don't miss my truth alone

just throw those dogs a brand new bone

make yourself feel good anyway you can

i'll be here to give you and your mind a hand

never forget me or yourself and you'll go far

soon we'll all be in that beautiful spa

screw the past we're in the present more so

while the future is waiting for us to give it a go...

Tommy Luca$$$

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