A Dying World Part 3

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
A legend has been uncovered, but what could this mean for William and Desmond.

Submitted: April 05, 2015

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Submitted: April 05, 2015



A Dying World

Chapter 3 The Legend uncovered

Desmond and William approached the front of the library, it had seen better days. The walls were covered in moss; branches were poking out the side of the building where nature had taken its course. Ivy could be seen in the archway leading into the library; it curved in a way that was so gracious William thought that there was no way that had grown all on its own. They walked inside and will’s eyes widened. The interior was so vast you could fit a whole house inside, he looked up to the ceiling; it was like the ceiling was the only thing separating them from the heavens.

“Desmond. Glad you could make it” William was then brought back to reality hearing a familiar voice. He looked to where the voice had come from and a smile soon beamed across his face. A man in a brown pinstriped suit that could only just fit his muscular body was standing in the middle of what use to be the library’s front desk. William jogged over with a smile on his face. The man glanced down and didn’t return the smile. Williams smile slowly faded, but then to his surprise the man smiled at him.

“William? My word you have grown up”

“Hello Mr Jackson. I see the years have been kind to you” Mr Jackson chuckled slightly.

“I may look young but I am afraid I’m starting to get too old for this sort of thing” William snorted in disbelief to the statement that Mr Jackson made. Before they could carry on their conversation Desmond coughed, they both looked at him.

“If you both are finished exchanging pleasantries” Mr Jackson and will both nodded.

“So Mr Jackson, what can we do for you today?”

“Well Mr Ward. Something was uncovered in the early hours this morning that I think we would all be interested in seeing” he motioned for them both to follow him. They walked on away from the centre of the building down into the southern part. As they walked further in William started to notice the area was scorched. Everything was burnt, from books to shelves; to the walls and pillars that were keeping the ceiling up. William glanced to Mr Jackson.

“What happened here?”

“Well according to our record books. A few years ago two boys were seen entering this building. Then there was reports of a fire and unexplained happenings going on. Neither one of the boys ever emerged again. We have reason to believe that they were killed” William didn’t say anything, he started to feel sick.

“Will? Are you ok?” Desmond walked up next to him and placed his hand on Williams shoulder. William straightened up and nodded slowly.

“Yeah, I’m fine. So what are we seeing then?” Mr Jackson smiled. They reached the end of the isle where a plastic curtain was hanging in a door frame. Mr Jackson stood in front of it looking at them both.

“Desmond what I’m about to reveal to you, will most certainly change everything that we have ever come to believe in” Mr Jackson pulled back the curtain, Desmond walked in first, William followed slowly behind. He came up next to Desmond and looked, in the centre of this oval room stood a podium, on that podium was an old battered book. William looked confused; he turned to Desmond but noticed that he was in shock. He looked back to Mr Jackson who was smiling.

“Well Desmond. Any thoughts on what this book is?”

“It... it’s...” Desmond couldn’t speak he was too stunned.

“This book is our past, our present and our futures” William looked confused and turned around. His eyes widened, he flexed out his hands summoning flames in his palms. Look of anger on his face.

“What the hell is he doing here!?” William exclaimed. Mr Jackson stood between them both.

“William hold on!” Desmond stepped in next to will holding his pistol out aiming right between the eyes of the person who walked in.

“Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t put you in the ground right now” Mr Jackson stood in front of the man.

“Because he is under my supervision, now both of you just calm down!” neither William nor Desmond moved. The man behind Mr Jackson chuckled and stepped out.

“Mr Jackson please. Let me try” Mr Jackson glanced to him out of the corner of his eye and nodded slightly.

“Go ahead Darko” Darko walked over to Desmond standing just centimetres away. Desmond moved closer putting the gun on Darkos forehead. Darko sighed placing his hand on the gun he moved it away.

“Look Desmond. I’m not here to harm anyone. I’m here because Mr Jackson and your council believe that this needs every ounce of man power that they can muster” William looked to Desmond waiting for an answer. Desmond thought for a moment before bringing the gun back up. Mr Jackson was getting ready to intervene; but Desmond turned the gun round and placed it back in his jacket. William slowly put his hands down. He wasn’t happy with this choice. Darko looked to William and smiled but William didn’t return the smile. He turned his head and walked away from Darko.

“So you say that this book is our past, present and future?” Desmond asked. Darko smiled and stepped closer to the podium.

“According to legend, this book has everything that we will ever want to know” Desmond walked around the podium studying the book over. He looked on the spine of the book and just managed to make out an ancient style of writing.

“Has anyone tried to translate this?” Darko looked confused and walked over to Desmond looking at the spine. After a moment of looking at the writing he stood up straight and breathed slowly. Desmond glanced to him raising an eyebrow.

“Aw what’s the matter? Cant the big bad necromancer translate some writing” Darko glared at Desmond and walked away.

“No it’s not that at all” William and Desmond both shared a look of caution and walked round slowly to either side of Darko. Darko stood in front of the podium not looking at anyone. Mr Jackson turned to the doorframe and motioned for two other sorceresses to come in. They walked in and stood on either side of Mr Jackson.

“Darko, what is it?” everyone moved closer to him and Darko smiled. His hands slowly formed into fists, shadows curling around his knuckles like snakes. Mr Jackson stepped closer, inches away from Darko.

“Darko under the order of the sanctuary and its council members, I order you to reveal what you know about this book!” Darko looked up and stared into Mr Jacksons yellow eyes.

“Well ok I was sort of lying to you. You see, it’s not the past present and future of you lot. It’s actually the past present and future for the necromancers” a grin crept along Darkos face. Before anyone could react he brought his fists up with the dark energy crackling. He smiled at them all.

“Thank you for finding our book” he slammed his fists down onto the ground sending a ripple of dark energy all around the room. Desmond and William tried diving for Darko, but the energy caught them sending them back into a far wall. Mr Jackson dived to the left behind a pillar. Both the sorcerers got flung back hitting the door frame hard. Their bones cracking on impact; Mr Jackson peered out from the pillar. Darko was gone. Along with the book, he walked to the podium running his hands through his dark brown hair in frustration.

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