Death in The Library

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In this short story two boy's come across an old Library. But what they find inside bring's about the end for them.

Submitted: January 13, 2015

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Submitted: January 13, 2015



Chapter 1 

The Library

As the cold wind howled through the night everything started to change. The leaves were skipping around the street's like children, a nearby window was slamming against an old house that was left to rot. The road was wet from the rain that had fallen over night, which made it to have a certain shine to it. At the tip of the road stood an old but proud building. The window's where grimy and had seen better day's. The rest of the building was no better, crack's had started to appear all over the structure. There was even slight hints of moss growing on the edge's of the building. At the front it didn't seem too bad, the big wooden double door's were in perfect condition. The stone step's that led up to them looked as if they were hardly used, and just above the door's in big letter's read the name of the building "The Library"

The two boy's stood at the bottom of the step's looking up at the word's on the front of the building. On the right was a boy who wore glasses that didn't fit right on his face. He was short and slightly chubby. He wore a gray top that seemed far too big for him, his jeans were ripped and his trainers worn out. He looked to the other boy on his left. He was slightly taller than him. He also wore glasses that fit perfectly on his face. He was wearing a tacky purple checkered shirt which hadn't been cleaned for day's, the bottom of his jeans were rolled up at the ankle so that they didn't drag behind on the wet floor. He looked back at his friend and smiled.

"Well, shall we take a look inside?" He asked in a cocky way. The other boy didn't answer he just looked nervous.

"Come on Axel where is you're sense of adventure?" Axel kept looking nervous. It didn't feel right breaking into an old abandoned building.

"Don't tell me your scared" Axel then glared at his friend.

"I... i am not scared" he said quietly "i just don't think it's right breaking into this place" "besides Mack who knows what sort of people might be in there"  Mack laughed shaking his head.

"Oh Christ Axel, you do know how to make me laugh" He smirked slightly and walked up the stone step's towards the door's. Axel followed nervously behind. They got to the top of the stair's and Mack looked up and down the door's. He then turned to Axel and smiled.

"Are you ready?" he asked but Axel didn't say anything. Mack looked back to the doors and reached out with his hand. He was a palm press away when Axel suddenly grabbed his wrist. Mack turned his head quickly to look at Axel.

"Please can we just leave?" Axel asked, "i don't like this idea" He looked at Mack with a hint of worry in his eye's. Mack slowly lowered his hand and nodded slowly.

"Sure we can go" Axel breathed slowly and smiled.

"Thank you Mack"

Axel turned and walked back down the stone step's. But as he got to the bottom step his nerves came back. Axel turned around to see Mack still facing the wooden door's. Axel then turned on his heel's quickly and ran back up the step's. He reached out to grab the back of Mack's shirt, but he was too slow. Mack had already opened the door and walked in. Axel stopped just outside and looked in horror as his friend walked deeper into the Library. Mack got half way before turning back around holding his arms out. 

"See" he shouted "nothing to fear in this old shell" he laughed and turned slowly on the spot looking up at the old ceiling that was crumbling away. Axel looked in from where he stood. The inside was big, the book shelve's were all still in good condition. They climbed so high that Axel thought they touched the ceiling. Axel looked back to where Mack was standing but then quickly looked around for him.

"Mack" he shouted quietly "Mack come on where are you?" no response. Axel then started to pace back and forth at the entrance like a puppy outside of a shop. Mack then came back out from behind one of the shelve's holding a dusty old book.

"Oh for god sake Axel" he said heavily looking unimpressed. "Will you just get in here already" Axel paced even more then finally came to the decision. He slowly put one foot forward stepping inside the Library Carefully. He then closed one eye and flinched waiting for something to happen to him. But nothing did. He opened his eye and uncoiled slowly. He couldn't believe it, he had finally stepped inside the Library. Mack came over to him still holding the old dusty book.

"Hey you ever seen this book before?" he showed Axel the title which read "Book of ancient secrets" Axel looked confused and shook his head slowly.

"No, sorry" Mack opened it and started to read from it. Axel could see that Mack was getting interested in what this book was about as he noticed that a slight evil grin had crept onto Mack's face without him noticing.

"Who ever has this book, will know of all the ancient magic that society buried through time" Mack looked to Axel, that evil grin became more of a smile.

"No Mack, we don't even know what we are dealing with here" Mack frowned and smacked Axel around the back of the head.

"Idiot, this is a book on the ancient magic... weren't you listening?" Mack looked back into the book again and read some more. Axel didn't like this, it didn't feel right. It felt as if they were being watched. Axel turned his head quickly and looked in horror. He tugged on Mack's sleeve, slowly backing away.

"Mack" he said nervously. But Mack wasn't listening. Axel turned, he now looked even more terrified. There were two shapes in the shadow's. Axel tried to get a better look but he could only make out their silhouettes. They were human... well at least he hoped they were. Axel backed up to Mack keeping his stare on the silhouettes. 

"Axel you got to see this, it say's with the right teaching's we could control any element we choose" But this time Axel was the one not listening. Mack frowned and looked closer to Axel.

"Hey, are you listening to me?" Still no response. Mack then followed his gaze. Mack saw what Axel was looking at. He put the book behind his back and swallowed hard, trying not to show how scared he was.

"Hi there" he squeaked "we were just umm looking for something" The two silhouettes didn't say anything. Mack got more nervous.

"Umm we will be off then" "Sorry to disturb you" He grabbed Axel's top and pulled him forward. Axel managed to move again and they hurried for the door. Just as they reached the door's they slammed shut. Mack and Axel stopped dead in their track's. 

"You are no longer permitted to leave" came a deep voice from one of the silhouettes.

"You have stolen something from us" "give us back the book and we will let you go" Mack frowned and held the book closer to his back.

"You want the book?" "well you can't have it unless you take it from my cold dead finger's. Axel suddenly looked in fear at Mack.

"Are you insane!?" he asked through gritted teeth. "you know what they will sa-

"We intend to" said one of the voice's. Axel shut his eye's looking down feeling a tear drop down his face. Mack looked in horror at the response they came back with. He looked around quickly. He then lowered his head. After a moment passed he grabbed Axel's arm and screamed.




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