Death in The Library Part 2

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
In this second half both Mack and Axel have bitten off more than they can chew.

Submitted: January 14, 2015

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Submitted: January 14, 2015



Chapter 2

The Chase begins

"RUN" both Mack and Axel ran to the left, diving between two isle's. Behind them the door's exploded. They both fell to the floor and looked back seeing splinters of the remaining double doors. Mack looked horrified, he got to his feet quickly. His heart was pounding in his chest, who the hell were these people? were they even human? All he knew was that they were able to destroy things in a blink of an eye. Axel was still frozen in place on the floor, fear had overcome him. He didn't want to die, not like this. In a Library. This was all Mack's fault; if he had just left the book where it was none of this would be happening to them. Then something happened, the shadows around them started to move. They curled around anything becoming more lively. The shadows kept curling higher and higher, running up both sides of the book cases. Axel looked around quickly, he watched the shadows reach the top of the bookcases. They finally stopped. Axel got to his feet and stood close to Mack.

"Mack, what the hell are we going to do?" he whispered, but Mack wasn't listening again, he was too mesmerized by what he just saw. As Axel looked back to the opening he stiffened with fear. Two people in black robes were standing side by side. They were both different from their outlines. The one facing Mack was tall and had an average body build. He stepped forward and both Mack and Axel stepped back.

"My name is Norana" Axel looked confused.

"Why the hell do i want to know that?" Before he could say another word the second person who was shorter than Norana and had a much bigger build stepped forward.

"It is our custom to name ourselves before we kill our enemies" Axel felt his heart race more. Now he knew they were done for. But he swallowed hard and asked in a quiet tone.

"Then who are you?"

"I am Varakon" he answered. Mack finally stepped in.

"Listen creep's, found this book so it belong's to us" Axel quickly punched him.

"What my friend meant to say wa-"

"Was that he stole the book from us" Varakon interrupted. Axel quickly sank back and didn't say another word. Out of the corner of his eye Axel could see the shadow's had managed to make the bookcases fall apart. He could see a hole forming. He tugged on Mack's sleeve but Mack ignored him. Axel didn't have time for this. If he wanted to live he knew that he had to escape now.

"Now for the last time, return the book and no harm will come to you" Varakon demanded but Mack still didn't move and neither did he answer. Axel saw this as his chance, he slowly edged towards the hole in the bookcase. he stopped and looked again. still no one noticed that he was next to an escape route. But something was holding him back. He couldn't just leave his friend there. He passed his hands through his hair and then noticed that the bookcase was uneven. He looked further and saw that both Norana and Varakon were standing in the isle now. Axel then glanced to Mack, Mack caught his gaze and noticed that Axel had reached out for a book. Mack smiled and then nodded to Axel.

"well it's been nice chatting to you both but we must be off so, Axel if you would be so kind" Norana and Varakon quickly looked and before they knew it Axel had taken a book from the shelf. They quickly looked up and saw the bookcase falling down on top of them. Norana put his hands up, a dark wall forming to stop the bookcase. It impacted with the wall and Norana stumbled slightly. Varakon then put his hands up making the wall stronger. They both lifted with all their might throwing the bookcase to one side. They both looked back to see that Axel and Mack had escaped through the hole in the other end of the bookcase.

"well" said Norana looking to the hole, "it seems our guests want to play the cat and mouse game after all"

"they will be dead before the day is out" muttered Varakon. Norana turned to the left, he brought his hands up. shadows started to curl around his hand, creeping up to his fingertips. Norana waited for a few more seconds before flexing his hand out destroying three columns of the library.

"they think they can hide from us" "we will rip this place apart in moments" Varakon smiled as he started to join in. Isle by isle the library started to get torn down. books got ripped apart, shelves crumbled away. On the far side of the library Mack and Axel cowered in the section that use to be crime. Axel looked around quickly making sure that they had escaped. He finally felt his heart slowing to a normal rate.

"well i think we got away" Mack muttered. Axel felt a new emotion this time. Anger. He turned his head glaring at Mack.

"we got away because i was clever" Mack huffed slightly and stood up, dusting off the dust from his shirt.

"Ahh you worry too much, at least theres only two of them" In the blink of an eye a fireball shot past them like a bullet. it exploded on the back wall. Mack and Axel stood up watching the flames burn on the wall. Axel stepped forward narrowing his eyes at the dancing flames. But suddenly they started to grow and dance towards them. Axel started to walk back and away from them, he passed Mack and grabbed him pulling him back. The flames then darted towards them; Mack put up the book making it out as a shield, Axel hid behind him. The flames got closer but then circled them causing a ring of fire. Mack and Axel looked around but they were completely surrounded. Then a laugh echoed through the cold, dark library. A girl appeared just on top of a bookshelf opposite the ring of fire. She was slim yet short, she wore a blood red skirt that only just reached her knees. she wore a black punk t-shirt that was ripped in places. she also wore red boots where the laces were un tide and un even. she looked down into the Centre of the ring of fire and smiled slightly.

"you boys do know how to make a girl laugh" Mack looked up and felt his heart skip beats. he straightened himself out and smiled up at her.

"well hey there" The girl looked down but didn't smile. Mack lost his smile and glanced to Axel.

"she's here to kill us isn't she?" He looked back up to the girl and fire was glowing from her fists.

"oh you boys have no idea, how much trouble your in"


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