End of the line

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in this short story William comes to terms that it is now the end and must make the right choices.

Submitted: October 13, 2014

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Submitted: October 13, 2014



the death of a hero


on a quiet evening, the night sky was burnt orange and the sound of crows and ravens could be heard from a far off tree. further down behind a feild, smoke had started to rise and the sound of explotions could be heard. as the sounds got louder the raven flew off heading off over the feild towards the explotions as it flew over the battle feild everything on the ground was ruined, there were crators in the ground from where bombs had been placed, most of the ground was on fire. on the ground there were two groups of people fighting, to the left was a group of people dressed in black robes and dark energy was leaving their hands. to the right there was people dressed in normal clothing with fire being summond and being thrown across the feild as well. the raven stopped flapped its wings to hover before nose diving towards the middle of the battle field. it slammed into the ground hard causing dust and gravel to be flung in the air. everyone took cover from the dust as it filled the battle field. after it cleared everyone looked up to see a man standing where the raven had landed, his head low, a dark hood covering his face with a long black robe dropped over him. curling at the bottom.

"great now things just got even more interesting" demsond spoke from the front, his face covered in blood and dirt, his suit ripped where he had close encounters and near misses. william stepped forward, he was also covered in blood and dirt but not as much as desmond, his jeans were dirty and his top was covered in blood. his face was also bruised but nothing a few bits of medical magic couldnt fix. everyone else around them started muttering quietly to themselves that they were doomed and how they were all going to die. william rolled his eyes, if they knew they were all going to die then why fight in the first place?

"ok so evil dudes just got an extra team player... what do we have?" william asked desperatly to desmond. desmond sighed and looked down "will im sorry to say but like everyone else is saying we are dead" william spun to desmond suddenly with a shocked look on his face "dont you dare say we are going to die, come on we have come out of things far worse than this" desmond lowered his head more and stepped back. hope and lilith walked over to him, hope wrapped her arms around william as he just stood there glaring at desmond. lilith walked over to desmond. "so this is the end of us then is it?" desomnd huffed slightly and looked at lilith with big sad eyes "im afraid so" he gave her a small re assuring smile and she returned it with tears forming in her eyes. she hugged desmond and smiled up at him. "for what its been worth im glad we worked together through all the years we have known eachother" desmond nodded slightly "me too lilith... me too" they both let go and lilith walked away but turned round and smiled "if we survive this... want to go get a drink with me?" desmond perked his head up and smiled nodding more "sounds like a plan" they both started laughing and then everything seemed to go in slowmotion. a sudden burst of dark energy appeard in the centre of where they were taking refuge lilith was grabbed by the throat and desmond looked in wide eyed fear and anger as the man who was stood in the middle of the battle field was now holding lilith by her neck. she struggled to breath as the grip got tighter around her neck. the man looked around at everyone and gave a slight smile. lilith looked to desmond with a tear rolling down her face. she mouthed to him im sorry before the man snapped her neck in two throwing her now lifeless corpse across the feild landing just infront of desmond. with another burst of energy the man was gone.

william and hope ran to liliths lifeless body. hope knealed next to her dead friends body and she cried. william stood over it feeling his anger growing, with tears in his eyes. he looked up to desmond and walked closer to him holding his collar. "if you even dare think about letting her death go invane, i swear i will end you myself" desmond didnt respond he just looked on with a blank expression on his face. william got more angry with desmond and gathered the air into his closed fist and punched desmond round the jaw. desmond flew across the field and landed on his feet. he glared at william and started walking forward gathering flames in his hands. william prepared himself and started muttering words "come on you bastard, come on do it!" as desmond got closer he started running towards william anger in his eyes. he suddenly dived through the air and tackled william to the floor, they both sprauled around in the dirt, william trying to defend himself whilst desmond brought his fists down onto williams face. "DONT YOU DARE TOUCH ME AGAIN!!" desmond kept punching him until he was tired. he slowly fell off of william and lay next to him. williams face was bruised and bloody his cheeks swollan and purple. after a while desmond stood up brushed the dirt off of his suit and walked to the edge of the cover they were behind. "if you bastards think that killing someone i loved will break me well guess what..." he jumped out from behind the cover and dark shadows started to form around him "its worked!"

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